‘It will be his World Cup’; Raúl Jiménez’s father sees him triumphing in Qatar

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Given the uncertainty generated by the injuries he has had Raul Jimenezhis father has come out to express the confidence he has in the striker’s full recovery and anticipates that he will be on the final list of the Mexican National Team for Qatar, where his great participation will be.

I’m very happy; despite his injuryhe is very confident that in a week he will be playing again and let’s hope, because we all have thought that this is Raúl’s World Cup“, said Raul Jimenez father during the draw for the Copa América de Futbol tennis.

“There is no nerve, it came very well in the first two games in preseason, he scored a goal, it was good but until this pubalgia injury occurred everything is predicted that in two weeks he will be reinstated so that It could be the World Cup in Mexico and Raúl Jiménez“.

On controversy that has surrounded the Tri these days about who will be the striker to be cut for the worldthe dad of Jimenez He highlighted the competition, but he is sure that his son will be one of the chosen ones.

All the competitions are healthy, I feel that Raúl comes out of his injury and will be in the World Cup. Who is going to be left out is Tata Martino’s decision and he will know why. Luck and success for the other three,” he noted.

“Sometimes they say that it is safe that it is, but so many things happen, go to ‘Tecatito’ (Corona) nobody expected itbut it will be a decision of the coach who is there and who is not and that’s how football is”.

He added that Raul Jimenez did not usually have injuries and assured that after the fateful collision with David Luiz in a match between Wolves y Arsenal in November 2020, when he suffered the blow to the headIt was the first time something serious had happened to him.

He was injury-free his entire career.there comes a time when they occur, nobody wants them, there is a lot of talk so that he is mentally strong, physically strong and I can get ahead on your part“, he pointed.




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