It is a betrayal of the people. In Russia, they pillage a biathlete competing in Finland

At the weekend, former Russian representative Darja Virolainenová took part in the Finnish summer biathlon championship. The daughter of three-time Olympic champion Anfisa Rezcovová and sister of two-time Olympic champion Kristina Rezcovová took second place at the Finnish championship. And everything points to the fact that she could represent a new country in the upcoming season.

“How should I express myself so as not to offend anyone? I’ve said before that I take these changes of nationalities as treason. But she obviously takes it differently in her head. It has its own life. But in this situation, any abandonment of Russia, be it in any sport, is a betrayal of the people and all those who represent their beloved country,” former head of the Russian Biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev said in an interview for MatchTV.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Virolainen, who missed last season due to maternity, received support from prominent commentator Dmitry Guberniev, who also has close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

“Daša already has Finnish citizenship, she lives with her husband Roman Virolainen, who has Finnish roots, so if she has a chance to compete for Finland, I will be happy if she uses it. I am 100% sure that he will make it to their national team. I will be happy if our athletes compete in international competitions, even if not under our flag. For me, they are not traitors,” said Guberniev.



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