Is there life without a six pack? Top athletes with a dilemma

Wow one reads, Andrea Petkovic hung up her tennis racket in the past week. Such reports should be treated with caution. It is extremely rare to come across famous nails. And the fact that a tennis racket is hanging from them would be the next surprise. Andrea Petkovic, as we translate the message, has declared her tennis career over after 16 years as a professional, at the age of just 34 (she has been 35 since Friday).

A lot of tears flowed and flowed, it was difficult to say goodbye, and it was quite comforting for , fans when , posted a photo on Instagram a little later, taken on a beach in New York, in a bikini and with a bottle of beer in a celebratory mood. Her well-considered text: “First day of retirement, enjoy my six-pack while you can.”

You have to say: It is the dilemma of all competitive athletes at the end of their career. No more training all day, a beer on the beach, and then at some point the highly trained body, which has been abused for years, makes itself really comfortable (not for everyone, but for many), and then he goes there, the six-pack admired by everyone the model figure. With which the competitive athlete is faced with the fundamental question: Is there life without a six-pack?

You should know what a six pack actually is. What is meant is not the six-pack of Astra from the gas station, but the abdominal muscles, which remain hidden under a good layer of bacon in normal athletes, if present at all, but are more or less open in high-performance athletes.



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