Inje-seo Special Olympics International Integrated Sports Competition will be held… Opening on the 16th

Special Olympics integrated sports national athlete selection contest held in Inje in April

The International Integrated Sports Competition of the Special Olympics with developmentally disabled and non-disabled people will be held from the 16th to the 18th at Haneulnaerin Inje-gun.

Hosted by Special Olympics Korea and sponsored by Inje-gun, this event is attended by over 350 people from 29 teams, consisting of people with developmental disabilities and non-disabled people, in five sports, including basketball, volleyball, floorball, badminton, and soccer.

Special Olympics Korea is a member of the International Headquarters of Special Olympics and the International Federation of Intellectually Disabled Sports, and has membership rights to participate in international competitions as a Korean representative.

Inje-gun signed a business agreement with Special Olympics Korea for the successful hosting of the ‘Special Olympics Korea National Integrated Sports Competition’ in 2019, and is providing official sponsorship of the event, stadium facilities and medical support.

In this tournament, the results of the four sports except for the floorball event were combined with the records of the National Special Olympics Integrated Sports National Athlete Selection Competition held in Inje-seo in April to select representative players to participate in the ‘2023 Berlin Special Olympics World Summer Games’. used for the material.

Awareness improvement education for the disabled will be provided for participating athletes and coaches during the competition, and it is expected that this will be a good opportunity to improve awareness to create an integrated society free of discrimination between the disabled and non-disabled through sports and awareness-raising education.

Kim Chun-mi, head of the Sports and Youth Division, said, “Through this competition, it will be a meaningful time for people with developmental disabilities and non-disabled people to break down the barriers of disability and take one step closer to a society where they live together.”

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