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The New York Mets are on pace to have the highest payroll in baseball for the first time since 1989, among a record six teams to pay a spending penalty.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, who began the season as the top spenders, fell to second place due to the suspension of Trevor Bauer.

New York entered the final month of the season with a payroll of $273.9 million, according to figures as of Aug. 31 compiled by Major League Baseball. The Dodgers are second with $267.2 million, followed by the New York Yankees with $254.4 million.

The Mets hope to win their first World Series title since 1986.

Mets pitcher Max Scherzer, at a major league-high $43.3 million, earns about $5 million less than the entire Oakland team and combines with teammates Jacob deGrom and Francisco Lindor for about $103 million. more than eight of the 30 clubs.

The last time the Mets surpassed MLB in payroll, their total was $21.3 million.

The Dodgers’ payroll fell when Bauer was suspended for two years without pay on April 29 for violating the sport’s domestic violence policy.

Bauer’s salary in 2022 was $32 million, but it was reduced to what he was owed at the time of suspension: $3.8 million.

Los Angeles led in payroll in both 2020 and 2021. The Dodgers set a payroll record with $291 million in 2015.

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