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The long hoped for and pursued dream has arrived. Yesterday in Iglesias the culmination of a first path undertaken by Nettuno Baseball City, which from the 2021 season, has changed into softball, recovering this discipline, which has experienced luster and great satisfaction in the past years.

After the first season in Serie B, of adjustment and study in this championship, the promotion to the upper division arrived, at the end of a season always at the top, in the regular season 14 wins and 2 defeats. Just the trip to Florence, in the first round, gave the team and the club the awareness of being able to go all the way and that promotion was within reach.

The series of play offs against Shardana Softball Iglesias (unbeaten in the regular season group) led the Neptunian company to promotion, beyond the victories, they were not easy games, which hid pitfalls, against a young and full of grit team , the greater Neptune experience and the stubbornness in pursuing the goal did the rest.

While the Neptunese team is rightly celebrating (while we are still writing in Sardinia today the eventual playoff races 4 and 5 were scheduled) the deserved and desired promotion, we reached the sporting director Fulvio Bellobono who together with the president Mario Atturo, were the managerial engine of this adventure, surrounded by friends and fans who have supported the company this season.

Between a toast and the other goal achieved, what do you feel like affirming?

“” First of all, on behalf of the whole company, I would like to thank our manager Roberto Andolfi with the coaches Gianluca Cibati and Massimiliano De Cesaris, who have worked from the first training session, with maximum commitment and dedication, to achieving this goal. It has been a season that has given us great satisfaction, it has not been easy to get where we have arrived. The team together with our technical staff deserves this success, each of them was decisive and contributed to the achievement of this success. “

Today is the time to celebrate, are we already working for the new season tomorrow?

“” “Right, today we celebrate and I with the president Mario Atturo, we can’t wait to go back to Nettuno and continue to celebrate with all the people who have been close to us in this adventure. We just take the right time to enjoy this promotion. But from tomorrow we will return to work together to build the 2023 season, which will have many more difficulties, not only from a competitive point of view. We want to reiterate that what we have achieved today is only a starting point, it is not our goal, we are at the beginning of a project, this promotion represents a driving force for our ideas, a strong stimulus to what we want to build together, with the open contribution to many people who want to help us. Together and participation is our word that unites us, more than the passion for this sport, sharing this project represents the real goal for all of us. “” “”

Did you see a lot of participation and passion in the stands in the home games last weekend at Campo Marcucci?

“” “The public will have to be our extra weapon for next season, although the match schedule does not help, we had a great audience that cheered the team, this gave us enormous pleasure, it was a good response . Our manager was also good at dragging the public, the team appreciated the support received very much, it was an extra stimulus for everyone, to do well in front of our audience, demonstrating that a small fuse is enough to ignite the passion of Neptune’s supporters. . Last but not least, thank the whole group of friends from the City who worked together in order to achieve this dream. “” “

This is the roster of the Nettuno team promoted to SerieA2

Manager Roberto Andolfi Coach Gianluca Cibati and Massimiliano De Cesaris

Atlete Ambrosino Sara, Barberini Annarita, Bellobono Flavia, Bottros Margherita, D’Andrea Moira, Di Stasio Debora, Enriconi Martina, Fabrizi Fabiana, Frigieri Carolina, Ghioldi Laura, Iovinetti Desideria, Leonzio Erika, Passa Federica, Perini Caterina, Pirisinu Caterina, Pouye Ouly, Re Marta and Salvini Marta.

Managers Atturo Mario, Bellobono Fulvio and Bernardo Maria Grazia.

The Neptune Softball City would like to thank all the sponsors who contributed to this season, who made their closeness felt to the whole team and they are 1000 Gomme Srls of Nettuno, Amati Group Srl of Nettuno, Gioia Bus Srl of Anzio, Decar Logistica of Nettuno, Eco Fiorenz Srl of Nettuno, New Ris Sud Srl of Formia, Sara Assicurazioni of Nettuno, Tecno Dim srl of Latina, Timia Srl of Foligno and COGE srl of Nettuno.



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