In Roura: Guyana’s first climbing gym

Kayaking, archery and rock climbing. Since its creation, Guyane Sport Nature proposes to introduce the population to various outdoor activities. The concept was then based on mobility. Pierre Laba already offered the possibility of climbing on a small climbing wall when traveling. But the options were limited. Today, it is an entire room dedicated to this practice that the enthusiast finally erected behind the Roura football stadium. The first in Guyana. ” With this room I can finally put more difficulty / ease and it makes me do my real job as a sports educator: it is from there that I will be able to give lessons and have a follow-up with young people. »

« I had to face fearful returns »

The history of Pierre Laba’s project testifies to a certain perseverance. Leaving Guyana in 2011 to enlist in the army, he discovered the sports professions and finally chose to retrain in this direction… with a specialization in climbing. On his return to his native land, the educator wants to develop the activities with which he had taken a passion: ” I had never had the opportunity to do all that here. I thought to myself: why not?

Pierre Laba (in the center with the cap), accompanied by young people from Roura who participated in the enthusiasm generated by this new attraction – GT

« I directly had the vision of a large leisure center, but I had to face a lot of fearful feedback. They all told me that I had to prove myself before. This is how the mobile trailer concept was born. His three years spent in the communes of Guyana are going well. So much so that he was noticed one day by Jean-Claude Labrador, then elected to sport at the CTG, who adhered to his project. A few years later, when Pierre Laba knocked on the door of the man who had become mayor of Roura, the latter authorized him to settle on a plot of land in the town. And it is with a certain investment of European funds that the 120 m² hangar and the equipment will then be financed. Since November 2021, Pierre Laba has been working to finalize this room he was waiting for so much.

The first lessons mid-September

Now that the project is finally seeing the light of day, the Guyanese says to himself ” super satisfied. Since the beginning of August, he has been offering free sessions in the room on Tuesday evenings. ” It works too well, there were lots of people from outside », say the young initiates who came during our meeting on site.

The serious things will then start in mid-September with the start of classes on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday. Registrations are already open. At the same time, mobile activities will continue. A sign of a new development, Pierre Laba is now awaiting the end of the apprenticeship contract with two young people who will help him supervise these activities.


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