“If we continue to play like this …”: the PSG hand, already beaten three times, has reason to worry

PSG conceded in Toulouse their first defeat (35-27) in the league for 17 months, this September 25 on behalf of the third day of Starligue. We are not talking about a defeat at the end of the match because of a slippery ball after having dominated the whole meeting. No, a real defeat without manner, in large widths which does not suffer from any challenge. On the scale of PSG, which had remained undefeated since April 2021 in the league, it’s almost a beating. “We did not know how to manage the match, got carried away the coach Raul Gonzalez. It is certainly only a defeat and it happens. But we are off to a bad start this season. If we want to win the championship, we really have to raise our level. We have to learn a lot of things from this defeat because if we continue to play like that, it will be complicated. »



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