Ibai Llanos 3×3 basketball tournament: players, teams, schedule and where to watch today live online

Ibai Plains He has played various sports throughout his career as a streamer and this time his turn has come, nothing more and nothing less than basketball, which is so on everyone’s lips with the 2022 European Men’s Basketball Championship. Up to eight teams made up of four players will play the 3vs3 basketball event, we tell you who the participants are, teams, how to watch the event and its schedule.

In addition, one of the most outstanding elements in the Ibai Llanos events is always the commentators’ table, since the Basque always tries to surround himself with the most emblematic authorities of each discipline. On this occasion, the streamer will cast the matches together with a specialist of the stature of Antoni Daimiel.

The players and teams of the Ibai Llanos 3vs3 basketball event

  • Equipo KOI: Viruzz, Tresco, Reven y Kuro AND
  • Team Heretics: Vituber, Goorgo, Misho y Champi
  • D: Jose, Sergio, Quintana and others6Basket
  • The Rupas: Atiga, Outconsumer, Laia and Sergius Ram
  • Let’s talk about the Lakers: Kiwi, Spursito, Alfonsito and Papi Gavi
  • McQuack: Vector, Rupero, Nexxuz y Kenai V Souza
  • detonators: Espe, Momo, Bleda and Aircriss
  • The Galactics: Perxitaa, Amaya, Yes Geli and Siro Lpez

Schedule and where to watch the Ibai Llanos 3vs3 basketball event

The Ibai Llanos 3vs3 basketball event will take place on Monday, September 12, 2022, starting at 20:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time). As usual, it is to be expected that the meetings will not begin until half an hour after the estimated time, since those minutes will serve both for the presentations and to create hype.

Se you can see on the Twitch channel of Ibai Llanos and also from MARCA Gaming We will tell you minute by minute everything that happens in the Ibai 3×3 Tournament.



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