I only listened to my father, although I absolutely do not understand why, Jágr said

I only listened to my father, although I absolutely do not understand why, Jágr said

Nobody expects him to say anything fundamentally new, but still, conversations with him are fun. Jagr’s honesty was especially amusing in a tight-knit America, where fighters like Crosby or Toews won’t relax in front of microphones, even if they have a thousand reasons to do so. Jagr could and can do it.

He was in a particularly good mood in a recent podcast with Lucía Výborna. When asked why he would slap Jagr, who was 25 years younger, he answered with a laugh: “If I had coached Jagr 25 years ago, I would have fired him on the second day. For everything. I wanted to be the best and I did my best for it. You don’t want to listen when you don’t have anyone around who can do it before me.”

“So who did you listen to?” Jagr mentioned this person many times in his life. “My father, one hundred percent. Although I absolutely do not understand why I listened to my father, who did not play hockey at any level,” he added with amusement. “But I have to say the insights he was telling me were brilliant.”

“I don’t know where he got them, come to think of it. I still had to skate, still doubt myself. He wanted me to exercise with my own body weight, so I did squats, push-ups, push-ups.’

The second name was not surprising either. Jágr also did not mention him for the first time in his life. “Then of course my idol. I was lucky to play with him. Mario Lemieux. I not only listened to him, but observed him daily and tried to copy him.’

What about the new season? Jágr emphasized again that he now feels more like an owner than a player, but he doesn’t want to wrap up his career yet. First of all, he has to lose weight, after three months of functioning without training, he admitted to 123 kilos. “I’m like a tyre, I take a long time to start, but then I pick up the pace,” he said. That could be sometime in December. He does not intend to join the team in a hurry.

If he appears on the ice, it will be in the newly renovated stadium anyway. “It’s something that probably doesn’t exist anywhere else here. Such a mix of an old stadium with a modern one. A mix of the tradition of stadiums from the sixties, like ours, with the new ones. The original grandstand from 1939 also remained there. It was not going to be removed.”

After the approval, it will start to freeze and the Kladno Knights can go out on new ice.

Let’s hope that the fifty-one-year-old legend will be among them again in February.

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