Hunter is about to kill a moose, but the arrow misses him. The animal horns him and severely injures him

An archery hunter was seriously injured by a moose in the Trap Creek area of ​​Larimer County, Colorado.
The events took place around noon in a remote area near Long Draw Road: the hunter was a few meters from his prey when he decided to shoot his arrow, missing it.

The moose then turned and charged the hunter by goring and trampling him, causing him serious injuries. Fortunately for him, the man had a GPS signal with him to make requests for help and activated it.

Some people arrived and transported him out of the woods, and then a helicopter arrived and took him to a nearby hospital for treatment.
“His ability to stay calm after being run over by a moose, to maintain that mindfulness is pretty impressive,” said Jason Surface, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Wildlife Manager. “Having an emergency signal device helped save this hunter and it’s always good to have a plan when you’re in the woods alone.”
«No management actions will be taken against the moose – Surface always explains -. Large animals, especially moose, can be aggressive and unpredictable. And hunting involves risks, in particular bow hunting which requires you to get closer to the animal than other forms of hunting ».

It is not the first time that such incidents have been recorded: according to the institution it would be the fourth attack that has occurred since the beginning of the year in Colorado and the 13th starting from 2019.

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