Humiliated by an adversary, Wembanyama takes revenge and knocks him out!

The architect of Boulogne-Levallois’ big victory against Pau (82-59), Victor Wembanyama had a difficult first half, during which an opponent tried to disrespect him. The answer of the future number 1 of the Draft waited for the second half, but it was very violent…

A first half to forget, that’s how to define Victor Wembanyama’s start to the match against Pau. Very quickly hampered by a problem of fouls, the Frenchman was shaken from the start by the colossus Vitalis Chikoko, who gave him great difficulty in defense… and who was somewhat arrogant.

Victor Wembanyama was played twice at the low post in the first quarter.

Both times, the offensive player (Vitalis Chikoko, editor’s note) easily pushed him back and found himself under the basket for an easy shot. The second time, he even scored.

This is a big area of ​​improvement for Wembanyama. In addition to physical strength, it is technique that is lacking.

The sequence is indeed complicated for Wembanyama, especially since on the second possession, Chikoko took the liberty of celebrating “too small” with his hand, to indicate that the size of the Ile-de-France player did not bother him! On a player who borders on 2m25 under the height gauge, and when we know that Chikoko measures “only” 2m08, the gesture is frankly comical, not to say humiliating…

The merciless revenge of Victor Wembanyama!

So, “too small”? Really ? The answer is no. During the second half, which Wembz was able to play much more freely and with much more efficiency, the Frenchman made Chikoko pay for his insolence by crushing a poster on his head:

Clear, clean, precise: we call it giving back. In the end, in addition to this devastating dunk, Wembanyama also delivered a second half of high quality, allowing him to come close to the double-double (10 points, 8 rebounds). This fine performance will not, however, make us forget the wanderings at the start of the match, which are ultimately normal for such a young player.

Remember that the Frenchie is only 18 years old, and that he is living his first matches as a main option. This season under the orders of Vincent Collet should thus do the greatest good for the former ASVEL, who must be modeled as well as possible before flying off to the United States and the tenfold demands of the NBA

Highly anticipated this season, and even more after his big first match, Victor Wembanyama will still have to toughen up physically and mentally to be ready to take up all the challenges. One thing is certain: the prodigy has resources, and Vitalis Chikoko, a little too insolent, paid the price!



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