Hot-blooded Tiger Island Industry No. 4 High School Kumada Shigetsu-くまだじゅうぞう

Juzo KumadaHe is a character in the Kokufu series of games. He is a third-year student of the 4th high school of Shima Industrial Co., Ltd., aiming to become the world’s No. 1 judo master. A powerful judo skill). However, the speed and defensive power are very low.

Kumada Shigezo Character Basic Information

Chinese name:Juzo Kumada

Japanese name: Kumada Juzo
Sex: Male
Nirvana: Human Torpedo, Self-dividing Torpedo
Belongs to:country man game character

Juzo Kumada Character Background

Kumada Shigezo is a brave judo master who hates bullying the weak but hates the weak even more. The family runs a rice shop (the owner of the rice shop is his father), because his family is poor, so his goal is to become the world’s number one in judo. In Story of Hot Blood, he came to Garden Street to participate in a judo tournament, and was involved in the incident.

After the bloody story, I practiced judo painstakingly and became proficient in various judo skills. I added a lot of judo skills to the original Kumada character skills, perfecting this character.

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