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The 147th Hokushinetsu High School Baseball Niigata Prefectural Tournament (Autumn Prefectural Tournament), which will be the selection material for deciding which school to participate in the Selected Koshien next spring, will be held on the 22nd at the hard-off Eco Stadium in Niigata City. is done. The winner will participate in the Hokushinetsu tournament held in Niigata Prefecture in October. Report the game situation quickly.

◎ Quarterfinal match schedule for the 22nd ◎

② Akinori Niigata 3 (finishing the top of the 4th inning) 0 Niigata
Niigata 000 0
Ming Kun 300
Niigata: Rinto Tanahashi and Yu Shigeno
Mystery: Ayumu Higuchi – Flying Saito

(match content)*It may differ from the official record.
・Top of the 4th inning Niigata ③Igarashi Nakamae H ④Kondo throws a ground ball on 2nd out, 1st base ⑤Shigeno hits right ⑥Togashi right front H 1st and 2nd base ⑦Watanabe Nigoro
・ Bottom of the 3rd Akinori ② Kondo flying left ③ Saito flying left ④ Igarashi Nakamae H ⑤ Maruyama walk ⑥ Kobayashi Yugoro
・ Top of the 3rd inning Niigata ⑧ Numazawa walks ⑨ Fujinoki Sacrifice hit, 2nd base ① Oguro 1 grounder, 3rd base ② Tanahashi Sky strikeout (134 km)
・Bottom of the 2nd inning Akinori ⑧ Konishi Nigoro ⑨ Higuchi Nakamae H ① Iwasaki Sannao double play
・Top of the 2nd inning Niigata
・Bottom of the 1st inning Akinori ①Iwasaki 3 missteps ②Kondo sacrifice hit, 2nd base ③Saito Hitoshi left ④Igarashi Nakamae H 1 point
・ Top of the first inning Niigata ① Oguro strikes out ② Tanahashi sees strikes ③ Igarashi two infield H ④ Kondo left fly

(starting member)
・First attack: Niigata ①Naka Oguro ②Throwing Tanahashi ③San Igarashi ④Second Kondo ⑤Tori Shigeno ⑥First Togashi ⑦Right Watanabe ⑧Left Numazawa ⑨Yu Fujinoki
・Second attack: Akinori Niigata (1) Naka Iwasaki (2) Right Kondo (3) Tori Saito (4) Nii Igarashi (5) Ichi Maruyama (6) Left Kobayashi (7) San Takeda (8) Yu Konishi (9) Throw Higuchi

① Tokyo Gakkan Niigata 2-0 Hokuetsu (match finished)
Hokuetsu 000 000 000 = 0
School 200 000 00 × = 2
→ Tokyo Gakkan Niigata participates in Hokushinetsu for the second consecutive season
Hokuetsu: Kairi Matsuo, Kiki Watanabe, Daisuke Oka-Kohei Sato
School: Haruto Wakui, Nagisa Asazuma-Yasuo Yawata

(match content)*It may differ from the official record.
・ Top of the 9th inning Hokuetsu ⑦ Yu Sato right fly ⑧ Pinch hitter ① Yamada two fly ⑨ Sakai strikes out
・ Bottom of the 8th inning Gakukan ④ Hachiman strikes out in the sky ⑤ Sugai Nakahi ⑥ Matsuura Yugoro
・ Top of the 8th inning Hokuetsu ④ Teraguchi play grounder ⑤ Furumata right fly ⑥ Kumakura middle fly
・ Bottom of the 7th inning Gakkan ⑨ Miyajima Futaba ① Shibukawa Nakahito ② Morita walk ③ Haga Kazuhi
・ Top of the 7th inning Hokuetsu Gakkan Pitcher ⑪ Asazuma (1st year) ① Ohno left flight ② Honma left flight ③ Satoshi Sato’s right middle triple is also out due to forgetting to step on 2nd base
・ Bottom of the 6th inning Gakkan Hokuetsu pitcher ⑭ Oka (1st year) ⑥ Matsuura sky strikeout ⑦ Endo sky strikeout ⑧ Pinch hitter ⑬ Watanabe sky strikeout
・ Top of the 6th inning: Hokuetsu Gakkan, ⑰ Haga on the left ④ Teraguchi Nakamae H ⑤ Furumata right front H ⑥ Kumakura strikes out ⑦ Yuji Sato bases loaded in infield H ⑧ Pinch hitter ⑬ Akatsuka sky strikes out ⑨ Sakai left fly
・ Bottom of the 5th inning Gakkan Hokuetsu pitcher ⑪ Watanabe Itsuki, Sekino on the right ① Shibukawa right front H ② Morita sacrifice, 2nd base ③ Suzuki walk ④ Hachiman right fly ⑤ Sugai three grounders
・ Top of the 5th inning Hokuetsu ⑦Yu Sato Nakahi ⑧Matsuo Nakamae H, pinch runner ⑯Nozawa ⑨Sakai Nigoro ①Ohno left H
・ Bottom of the 4th inning Gakkan ⑥ Matsuura Chuhi ⑦ Endo hit by pitch ⑧ Wakui 3 grounder 2nd base out ⑨ Miyajima Kazuhi
・Top of the 4th inning: Hokuetsu ③ Satoshi Nakamae H ④ Teraguchi throws ground ball, 2nd base ⑤ Furumata left fly ⑥ Kumakura strikes out in the air
・ Bottom of the 3rd inning Gakkan ③Suzuki right front h ④Yawata right fly ⑤Sugai bunt whiff check out, middle fly
・ Top of the 3rd inning Hokuetsu ⑨ Sakai Nigoro ① Ohno Chuhi ② Honma sky strikeout
・ Bottom of the 2nd inning Gakkan ⑧ Wakui left front H ⑨ Miyajima Sacrifice hit, 2nd base ① Shibukawa 3 grounder ② Morita Yuhi
・Top of the 2nd inning: Hokuetsu ④Teraguchi 2nd infield H ⑤Furumata three grounder blunder ⑥Kumakura catcher out to second base, Nakamae HB ⑦Yu Sato ⑧Matsuo Nakahi
・Bottom of the 1st inning Gakkan ①Shibukawa midfielder ②Morita midfielder ③Suzuki 2nd infield HB ④Yawata 2st steal, walk ⑤Sugai 2 points with left front hurdle and rear miss, batter-runner 3rd base ⑥Matsuura hit by pitch ⑦Yuhi Endo score 2
・ Top of the 1st inning: Hokuetsu (1) Ohno loses policy (2) Hommami strikes out (3) Satoshi is out of control, empty strikes out

(starting member)
・First attack: Hokuetsu (1) Naka Ono (2) Right Honma (3) Catcher Sato Kiyoshi (4) Ichiterakuchi (5) Left Furumata (6) Mikumakura (7) Yu Sato Yu (8) Throw Matsuo (9) Ni Sakai
・Second attack: Tokyo Gakkan Niigata ① Naka Shibukawa ② San Morita ③ Left Suzuki ④ Tori Hachiman ⑤ Right Sugai ⑥ Second Matsuura ⑦ Ichi Endo ⑧ Throw Wakui ⑨ Yu Miyajima

(Interview and text/Hiroto Okada)

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