He shines on the court where he plays: Roger Federer also shines in table tennis

In tennis, Roger Federer has shone on all surfaces. It is true that he feels more comfortable on the hard courts and that he transformed the grass of Wimbledon into the extension of the patio of his house, but the generality is that where he played the Swiss he would be able to waste talent. The recognition that has come to him has been proportional to the magnitude of his sports figure. As soon as his decision to hang up the racket was known, the world was moved and the reactions multiplied. From the main personalities of the sports world to the most anonymous fan of his, they have expressed their appreciation for him.

The Swiss is getting ready to compete in the Laver Cup, the contest between the best players in Europe and those from the rest of the world. His last game as a professional takes on a symbolic character in every way. In addition to being the golden brooch for his career, he will stage it in an anthology doubles: as Rafael Nadal’s partnerhis main rival in the era he scored in the white sport and, as both have confessed, one of the main friends that brought him the passage through the ATP circuit.

In the context of waiting for the event to be held at the O2 Arena in London, Fed-Ex realized that his talent goes beyond the tennis courts. And that he is even capable of transferring it to a discipline with which the sport that consecrated him has several elements in common: table tennis.

Just a quick warm up before the gala”, writes Federer on his Twitter account, accompanying the post with the images of a ‘paleteo’ in which he shows off his forehand and, certainly, his prodigious backhand, both with a classic take, something similar to the one he uses with the racket of tennis

The peculiarities? Two. The first is that you wear an impeccable tuxedo. And the second is that, virtually, does not make mistakes in the execution of each of the blows. As in the sport that raised him to the category of myth.



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