He saw that a teenager was going to school with broken shoes and took off his sneakers to give them to him

Photo: Favebook video capture via La 100 FM

A man from the province of Córdova, in Argentina, performed a kind act when he came across a teenager walking to school with torn shoes and whose insoles were made of cardboard.

In the recording, which was broadcast on social networks, the subject mentioned that he was going to show the video to his daughter, then showed that he was left in his socks and turned the young man’s old shoes upside down, focusing on the sole, which was broken. , and in the material with which they were patched.

It can also be seen that the minor was trying on the man’s sneakers, who asked him: “Do they fit you?” and then he warned her: “you are not going to sell them or give them away, eh, cabr # $”. The boy told him no, to which the subject questioned him, “Are you going to school?” The boy nodded and finally thanked him for the gift.

The publication generated comments such as: “the Argentina of 2022 hurts us, it hurts us, but there are anonymous gestures that allow us to dream of a better time”, “it is the reality of Argentina, which annoys seeing it take to the streets”, “This Argentina hurts a lot”, “very good gesture, you don’t need to make it public”, “what a good gesture, God give you double what you have and it’s good that he didn’t show his face”, “it’s very sad that there are more and more children with so many needs”.

Another video that has moved Argentine society was that of a retired man from Palermo who burst into tears when he approached a man to sell him lighters and handkerchiefs.

Marcelo Cabrera, a man who appears on the recording, told local media that the 76-year-old man told him that his wife had died and that he had to sell those items in order to get ahead.

In the end Cabrera offered him two bills of $1,000 Argentine pesos, about $13 dollars, which at first the retiree rejected, but ended up accepting; he also said that he was looking for him to be able to give him more help.


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