Have material to perform a wide variety of martial arts such as Kendo, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Judo or Karate

And e-commerce that today offers a wide variety of materials and accessories for the practice of martial arts best known is the firm Katanamart. It specializes in disciplines such as kendo, aikido, ninjutsu, jujutsu, karate and of course the judoone of the most popular worldwide.

Alessandro Pizzo and Francesco Buffini, CEO’s of the store online Katanamart explained that, for a decade, the business has been diversifying its catalog. According to them, this increase in variety responds to the fact that they have always listened to the concerns of their clients and they add that thanks to these suggestions they have been developing.

A history hand in hand with its clients

Pizzo and Buffini explain that Katanamart arose from the need to find in Europe a supplier of top quality materials to practice martial arts. They indicated that, after identifying that need in the market, they decided to undertake with the support of the specialized firm Yari No Hanzo and began in 2010 to develop their first prototypes of wasuniforms, swords and goats.

In 2012, they finalized the idea and launched the online store Katanamart. Hand in hand with their clients, they evolved and grew. Today, they have active presence in Spain, UK, Italy, France, Poland and Germany where they work with a commercial and technical team in their native languages. Recently, they have opened two physical stores in Valencia and Prato (Italy). All this always under the premise of a close and personalized attention.

This includes the offer of original products for the practice of judoother Eastern disciplines and solid customer service.

They also promote meetings and talks to spread the latest news about these cultural manifestations of the Far East. It is an adventure that already involves more than 50,000 associated customers, some 100,000 daily followers and 100,000 unique daily customers in 5 countries.

How is the Katanamart catalog

For your audience, Katanamart offers katanas handcrafted sharpened in various references, from Basic to Shogun Elite. They also sell the Yari No Hanzo handmade handcrafted, goats standardI y smokepadded practice equipment.

They also sell uniforms and sets of uniforms para karate, aikido, kendo, jujutsu, ninjutsu, iaido y judo.

Another important product line in Katanamart Its the the jets blunt handicrafts. As is the case with the katanas and the goats, are offered in different references. They are special for those who are new to the ancient world of Japanese culture and martial arts. A segment that has been gaining popularity over the years is personalized items.

Precisely, in recent years from Katanamart they have focused on offering all their personalized items in the shortest possible time. Pizzo and Buffini say that the response from customers has been very positive. This, together with permanent after-sales support, has been the main differentiating element for the brand in all the countries where it works.



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