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“Death and hatred to the BTSV” |

Hanover professionals celebrate in front of disgusting poster

Some fans would give ANYTHING for a derby win.

Hannover 96 and Eintracht Braunschweig – next to Dortmund and Schalke, it is the greatest enmity in German football. After the 1-0 win in Rostock, the “preparation” for the Lower Saxony derby on Saturday (1 p.m.) began.

A large poster was unveiled in the fan block after the final whistle. Then the (unfortunately) obligatory message: “Death and hatred to the BTSV”!

This sentence is also (unfortunately) part of the standard songs of the 96 fans – regardless of the fact that the supporters of the archrival are literally trying to kill themselves. BTSV means Eintracht, stands for Braunschweig Turn- und Sportverein.

What seemed strange to many television viewers on Sunday afternoon is unfortunately “normal” between Hanover and Braunschweig. This also explains why the 96 professionals didn’t turn around in front of the fan curve despite the poster.

Hanover fans celebrate in front of the disgusting poster!

After the 1-0 win (Maxi Beier goal per penalty kick), the players in Rostock, drunk with victory, moved in front of the guest curve, made La Ola with the 1500 Hanover fans who had traveled with them and got in the mood for the derby – right under the “death and hate “-Poster.

World Champion Ron-Robert Zieler (33): “Everything is ready for a great derby.”

Defense chief Julian Börner (31): “The fans have been making us hot for weeks. It has reached the team. We want to do better on Saturday, we want to win the derby. We want to make the fans happy.”

Coach Stefan Leitl (45): “We don’t have to downplay the derby. This is the game of games in Lower Saxony. We’re looking forward to it, want to leave everything on the field and get three points.”

Against Braunschweig, of all places, 96 can celebrate their fifth win in a row. Hannover last managed such a series in the Bundesliga with Mirko Slomka at the end of 2010.

Despite all the hatred – all fans are hoping for a big football party! Hopefully staying peaceful in and around the stadium. It is to be expected that the hate poster will not be the only lack of taste around the derby.

In 2013, a sow with a 96 scarf around its neck and black paint on its body was abandoned in Hanover and then wandered through the city.

Particularly abnormal: The pig wore number 1. Probably a disgusting allusion to the late 96 goalkeeper Robert Enke († 32), who took his own life in November 2009 due to depression.

Just as incredible: the police found yellow wooden crosses with the inscription “BTSV” on every Braunschweig town sign.

In 2016, unknown persons hung two dolls with 96 scarves on bridges in Hanover. In addition, the former clubhouse near the new youth boarding school was smeared.

Two weeks ago, Braunschweig idiots are said to have been responsible for a mass brawl in the 4-0 of 96 in Magdeburg.

The city of Hanover and both clubs are on alert. Due to the classification as a high-risk game, only 42,360 tickets (instead of 49,000) will be sold. The security concept provides for buffer zones in the south, the lower tier of the south stand remains completely free. No alcohol will be served.

There will be certain transit locks on the access road. Federal police and the authorities from Hanover and Braunschweig work closely together.



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