grass vs. Junior: Will the Comesaña effect continue?

Abracadabra!… And wham!… From pessimism to optimism. From disappointment to illusion. From storm to calm. Everything changed in Junior’s environment as if by magic. The tenth arrival of Julio Avelino Comesaña brought a positive effect on the field and in the entire rojiblanco environment that led to a 1-0 victory against Unión Magdalena, in Santa Marta, and qualification for the final of the Colombia Cup after an accurate shootout of penalties in which Sebastián Viera put his hand.

“And how does he do it? What’s the deal?” journalist Johan Cassiani asked Comesaña singing Frankie Ruiz’s theme, after moving on to the decisive series for the cup title.

“It’s not that difficult, there are good players. When there are good players and they are willing to get what they have inside, not that the motivation comes from outside, that there are people, that there are no people, if they pay prizes, if not… it is from within, what do I want to achieve and what do I have to do”, answered Julio Avelino.

With the splendor of the motivational factor that Comesaña has generated with his eternal return, Junior will face Deportivo Pasto, at the Libertad stadium, this Sunday from 3:30 pm, at the Libertad stadium, on matchday 12 of the League II.

The veteran coach, 74 years old, cut Junior’s winless streak this semester as a visitor, a burden that the team carried under the leadership of Juan Cruz Real.

The idea of ​​​​Comesaña and his pupils is to stay on that victorious route and get the first three-point celebration away from home in League II and the second in the entire league year. The only win on the field was against Tolima 2-0 in the first half. A Unión won 3-0 on the desk in a match that was 1-1 on the field of play.

But beyond the shadows that the ‘Sharks’ had been showing when they left the Metropolitan under the command of Cruz Real, the points at stake in the capital of Nariño are crucial to get back among the top eight in the tournament, a mission that will require “of at least 16 points out of a possible 27”, according to Comesaña’s accounts.

Pasto is in seventh place in the standings with 17 points, two more than the rojiblancos, who are in thirteenth place with 15 units.

“We are in a position that does not make us comfortable, in which we are not well. We have a difficult game in Pasto in which we have to go out and win”, declared Sebastián Viera at the press conference after the victory in the coastal superclásico.

The goalkeeper and captain of the currambera squad was one of those who said with conviction that the bitter situation that the club was enjoying sportingly could be turned around.

“This is football, it goes around a lot, today everything is great, a week ago everything was wrong. I said it at a press conference: this could change in seven days. Some believed me and others looked at me laughing”, said the Uruguayan.

And so it is. Defeat deflates. A win excites. We’ll see what happens in Pasto. Will the Comesaña effect continue?…



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