Gained a lot of experience at Premiere and learned the hard way – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Dornbirn “We have nothing to lose and can really only win, but above all we can gain a lot of experience and learn a lot,” emphasizes David Böhler. In the end, exactly what the coach had predicted in May came true. When it took part in the second Judo Bundesliga for the first time, the JC Dornbirn team had to settle for ninth and last place. “Since it was already determined beforehand that there will be no relegation, we will most likely also take part next season,” said Böhler.

In the two collecting rounds in May in Bischofhofen and September in Leibnitz, the Ländle team was only able to win one (5:2 against Reichraming), but defeated in the 3:4 defeats against Bischofhofen (4th overall), Leibnitz (5th), Kirchham (6th) and Graz (8th) respectable. “We were by far the youngest team with an average age of almost 21 years. Our expectations were deliberately kept low and that’s why the disappointment is limited. Also because we were never able to compete in the strongest line-up over the years due to injuries,” Böhler concludes.

Legionnaire Dilshot Khalmatov (60 kg) recorded an impeccable result in his four fights out of a total of 13 judokas. However, the Ukrainian was only in the second collection round. Leon Nussbaumer also had four wins in eight fights, Gabriel Bretschneider had three and the trio Abdul Rachim Khastaev, Volkhard Stangl and Khangerel Batkhuyag had two wins each.

It is not yet certain whether a collection round will be held in Dornbirn next season. VN-JD



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