From separation to brawl between families, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law bite each other: four complaints

Behind the episode of violence there would have been the end, not exactly peaceful, of the relationship between the two spouses. It became fertile ground for a clash between families, which then resulted in a physical attack complete with “forbidden” blows. There are four people reported by the police for a fight that broke out a few days ago in the San Lorenzo district.

According to an initial reconstruction, a man would have contacted his now future ex-wife to be able to see his daughter, according to him, after more than 4 months. Finding no one, he called the police but they invited him to file a complaint. After leaving the man he would return to the house with his mother, finding the wife, the child and the maternal grandfather of the child.

In a few moments the discussion degenerated and the four would have started arguing. The grandfather allegedly tried to run over his ex-son-in-law, who in turn took a baseball bat to hit and damage the car. In the meantime, the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law would have fought each other, biting each other: one gritted her ear with her teeth and, in her turn, bit her in the arm.

At that point, the agents of the General Prevention Office and the Freedom Commissioner intervened on the spot and divided the four contenders and seized the baseball bat. Both women, who suffered deep wounds from the bites, were rescued by the 118 health workers before going to the hospital for tests. Eventually all four were reported on the loose for brawl.



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