from “I was tired of life” to “I couldn’t stand myself”

I was tired of life, I had endured many things, I needed to isolate myself, I felt overwhelmed, I had panic attacks, I needed to get away from everything, that’s why I decided on this. Many do not understand me,” he confessed. Ricardo Centurion about his personal moment while training alone in Vélez, away from the professional team. “That is the reason why I decided to leave my job that brought me so much happiness. I couldn’t stand myself”He said on the verge of tears on radio La Red.

Ricky, with an open heart, gave details of his very hard mood: “I thought that my daughter’s love was going to make me forget about a lot of wounds. The love of a child is different from other love and loss. But I can’t stand it. It’s hard for me to look my growing daughter in the eye.”

For Centurión, who has not returned to the pitch since leaving San Lorenzo, being away from football is both a cause and a consequence of his downturn. “My life is totally like a pandemic. For the footballer, it’s all football. When you don’t have it, it’s being in a pandemic,” he said.

Nobody calls me today. Obviously, one or two journalists. The people I’ve met, they don’t call you. you find yourself alone You turn around and there’s your old lady and your wife. I knew it was going to happen. I’m not afraid of him, I don’t escape him,” said a Centurion without a cassette, who spoke like few times and expressed his desire to return to football. “If I have the opportunity and start training, I really let go of everything, the vice. It is a before and after. It’s not that I can’t stop what I did. I can. I start training and start. I’m fine in a month. With a physical trainer like Valdecantos in 15 days I’m fine.”

Centu said that his problem is not about money. “Luckily I keep the salary I’m earning in Vélez. It’s like I’m playing since the contract. But you get up and don’t play. That hurts.” And he added: “With my family when I had nothing, we ate. It doesn’t scare me if I can’t afford an apartment in Puerto Madero And I have to go home.”

The main phrases

They put me in every day in the afternoon so that I don’t run into the professional team, ha. So he trained me for an hour and I’m going back to my house, “she explained.

“I’m training in Vélez from Monday to Friday in the afternoon and then nothing, with a normal life. It’s very difficult. Training only with a kinesiologist and a physical trainer is very hard. On top of that, he closed the pass book. There are six dates left, we’ll see what’s up,” he continued.

“SI know what I am doing, what is wrong and what is right. Then you tell me why you don’t solve it. And the truth is that I have an answer. It obviously hurts. It hurts that the weekend is coming and I can’t concentrate. I hope. Hope is the last thing you lose. I am 29 years old. I want to go back,” she clarified.

The problem is that you don’t listen. This comes from far below. Nobody tells you ‘what the hell is wrong with you, talk to me about your mother’s pussy’. The easy thing is then to bring you another. My personality is that if you talk and yell, I yell more, it’s difficult. I have that thing. I don’t consider myself a bad person. They can ask anyone I say things to the face.”

Missing training is a big asshole. When I was a boy he hit me but he went to train anyway. As a big head, due to a lot of problems, she didn’t go. I am the first that I like to train. That was great. I put myself in the place of a leader. There are several who make the decisions, it must be difficult,”

“The partner is the issue. Unconsciously or not, I disrespect my colleagues who can say ‘this one is missing Monday and Wednesday and they put it on the weekend’. They are not going to tell me, but it is normal, I understand it “.

“I never go out to talk. I don’t play the cassette. I speak from the heart.” “With Gaby -Heinze- I had one of the best levels, he was very frontal, he taught me. I like that they have me with their finger behind me. As I was flying and this one killed me, when I returned home I had no time to fool around, I was dead. With Pellegrino it was after the pandemic, he was overweight, and the rod could not find him. He did not find touch and I with him. That broke the relationship and I got hot “.

“With Troglio -in San Lorenzo- we didn’t beat anyone. He wanted to kill me. He was an incredible person. When we were out of the Argentine Cup he exploded and slammed the door. But with me and the squad, 10”.



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