Football: incidents during Metz-Guingamp, match interrupted for 25 minutes

Football: incidents during Metz-Guingamp, match interrupted for 25 minutes

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More overflows in a football stadium, in France … This Monday evening, during the meeting FC Metz – EA Guingamp counting for the eighth day of L2, a “supporter” from Lorraine burst into the playing area threatening the referee who had just excluded a third Metz player. Half an hour later, the game could resume and end with a rather crazy score of 6-3!

A third red. It was too much for the FCM supporters whose proteges were only 8 on the field. Or, more exactly, for a single individual in the enclosure of Saint-Symphorien who threatened the referee of the meeting, Pierre Gaillouste. This spectator has indeed left his place to find himself behind the advertising panels of the tribune, that is to say on the lawn where he insulted the man in black. Before being caught and then evacuated by the security service. “No longer feeling safe”, according to comments reported by the fourth member of the refereeing body, Mr. Gaillouste decided to interrupt the debates, sending the actors back to the locker room…

It was 10:05 p.m. and the match resumed at 10:30 p.m., following a crisis meeting with the delegates, but subject to being definitively stopped at the slightest new incident. The game will thus have been stopped for exactly 25 minutes.

Fatal Game Hour

While we were playing the 56e minute, the referee directly expelled the midfielder of Grenats Jean-Jacques for a horrible tackle on the right knee of his counterpart Muyumba. This is the fact of the game that generated the unspeakable behavior of the pseudo-supporter.

Previously, Pierre Gaillouste had already shown the red card twice to the locals: after a yellow followed by words to the Lorraine defender Kouyaté (31st) then for a lifted foot from the Grenats goalkeeper Oukidja worth double penalty with a key penalty (45th ). At that time, Guingamp, however led 1-3 in the quarter of an hour, equalized at 3-3 after additional time in the first half.

Irrational scenario

After the second “forced” break, evolving at 11 against 8, the Bretons will carry the thrust to win this funny meeting on the mark of 6-3. Come on, let’s try to sum it up with the numbers: two penos whistled and converted, two superbly rolled direct free kicks, two long shots that make a jackpot, a pretty incredible csc, another pinball goal after the ball hit the bar and, phew, a recovery in opposite small-net pivot…


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