Foot OL – OL: Aulas has cracked, dad’s football is over – Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais is about to be sold and this is not trivial. Especially since it is American investors who are taking over from an emblematic club.

Ligue 1 has attracted a lot of foreign investors in recent years, and OL is the latest club in the process of being bought out. It is John Textor and American investment funds which will take over from Jean-Michel Aulas and his associate shareholders who have decided to drop the case. One of the last bastions of French football is therefore changing sides even if OL hopes to be able to keep its strong identity and its ambitious projects for the future. Lyon are the 10th club to switch to a foreign flag, and it can be seen in different ways. The inability for French investors to have the means or believe in a project around football, or the attractiveness of our championship to foreigners. In any case, for Martin Mosnier, journalist at Eurosport, it is a very good thing to see that the historic Ligue 1 clubs are reinventing themselves and seeking capital where they are.

The most powerful L1 with foreign capital

« There are changes in Ligue 1. Force and note that even Jean-Michel Aulas has given in to foreign sirens. To fight in Europe, we must open up to foreign capital. It’s not daddy’s football anymore. But I distinguish raptor funds and others. Indeed, whether it is Lyon or Marseille, there is a sports policy in place, we can see it in the transfer window. Foreign capital has boosted the purchasing power of Ligue 1. Afterwards, there are dangerous funds, like in Bordeaux, which are sinking the clubs “, delivered Martin Mosnier in Le Quotidien du Sport. It now remains to be seen what will become of the Lyon project, while the round table is having a little trouble closing on the side of John Textor to concretely buy OL. This has the gift of sending shivers over the real financial capacities of the American businessman, because indeed, the example of Bordeaux sends shivers down the spine to all the supporters of France.



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