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The FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 will be held in Sydney, Australia from September 22nd to October 1st. We are pleased to inform you that the 12 members of the “AKATSUKI JAPAN” women’s national team have been decided for the main tournament. In addition, the broadcasting and distribution of the Japan game has been confirmed as follows.

■ Japan Women’s National Team 2022 “FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022” 12 Japanese representatives

[“FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022” 12 women’s representatives from Japan announced]

Japan Women’s National Team
Team Leader Hiroshi Oguri (Mitsubishi Electric Corlers)
Head Coach Toru Onzuka (Japan Basketball Association)
Assistant Coach Tsuneo Ueno (Japan Basketball Association)
Assistant Coach Yoshikazu Suzuki (ERUTLUC Co., Ltd.)
Sports Performance Coach Yoshiyuki Matsuno (Japan Basketball Association)
Dr. Hideki Takeda (NTT East Kanto Hospital)
Athletic Trainer Marie Iwamatsu (Japan Basketball Association)
Athletic Trainer Madoka Yoshida (Orange Acupuncture Clinic)
Manager Kaori Komatsu (ENEOS Sunflowers)
Manager Marie Sasaki (Japan Basketball Association)
Technical Staff Hinano Umezu (Japan Basketball Association)

○Players *12 people
#3 Horse gourd Stephanie (PF / 182cm / Toyota Antelopes)
#5 Shiori Amma (PG / 161cm / UMANA REYER VENEZIA)
#8 Maki Takada (PF / 185cm / Denso Iris)
#10 Raimu Tokashiki (C / 193cm / ENEOS Sunflowers)
#14 Mai Yoshida (*See kanji footnote) (SG / 175cm / Chanson Cosmetics Chanson V Magic)
#23 Mai Yamamoto (PG / 163cm / Toyota Antelopes)
#31 Aika Hirashita (SG / 177cm / Toyota Antelopes)
#32 Saori Miyazaki (PG / 167cm / ENEOS Sunflowers)
#52 Yuki Miyazawa (SF/PF / 183cm / Fujitsu Red Wave)
#75 Nanako Todo (SG/SF / 175cm / Toyota Boshoku Sunshine Rabbits)
#88 Himawari Ako (SG/SF / 184cm / Denso Iris)
#99 Okoe Tojinka (PF / 182cm / Fujitsu Red Wave)

*Affiliations and grades are as of September 8, 2022
* Mai Yoshida’s “yoshi” is “soil” and “mouth”
*Position: PG-Point Guard, SG-Shooting Guard, SF-Small Forward,
PF-Power Forward, C-Center

○Click here for the member list (PDF version)>>

■ “FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022” Japan Match Broadcast and distribution schedule
All matches against Japan will be broadcast live on “BS1” (planned)
Official site :

[CS Fuji TV]
Live broadcasting of all matches against Japan, semi-finals, 3rd place match and finals on “ONE NEXT” (planned)
Official site:

Live distribution of all matches against Japan (planned)
Official site:

*Please check the latest information on each official website.

Japan war

schedule match card Broadcast/delivery schedule
September 22 (Thursday) 13:00 Tipoff Japan vs Mali 【NHK BS1】12:50~ [生放送]
[CS Fuji TV NEXT]12:50~[生放送]
【DAZN】 13: 00 ~[LIVE配信]
September 23 (Gold) 11:00Tipoff Serbia vs Japan 【NHK BS1】10:55~ [生放送]
[CS Fuji TV NEXT]10:50~[生放送]
【DAZN】 11: 00 ~[LIVE配信]
September 25th (Sun) 19:30Tipoff Japan vs Canada 【NHK BS1】19:20~ [生放送]
[CS Fuji TV NEXT]19:20~[生放送]
【DAZN】 19: 30 ~[LIVE配信]
September 26 (Month) 15:00Tipoff France vs Japan 【NHK BS1】14:55~ [生放送]
[CS Fuji TV NEXT]14:50~[生放送]
【DAZN】 15: 00 ~[LIVE配信]
September 27 (Tue) 19:30Tipoff Australia vs Japan [NHK BS1 sub channel]19:20~[生放送]
[CS Fuji TV NEXT]19:20~[生放送]
【DAZN】 19: 30 ~[LIVE配信]

September 29: Quarterfinals
September 30: Semifinals
October 1: 3rd place match, final
*Broadcast and distribution schedules are subject to change.
*Broadcast and distribution at the time of advancing to the tournament will be announced once it is confirmed.

○ FIBA ​​Women’s World Cup 2022 Tournament Official Website (English)>>



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