FIBA implements slight rule changes

As of October 1, 2022, the new edition of the Official Basketball Rules will come into force FIBA. This season is not about substantial changes but small adjustments that refer to three specific situations.

On the one hand, it is officially established in FIBA ​​basketball the Head Coach Challengethat is, the possibility of a head coach requesting Instant Replay (IRS) review.

On the other hand, the sanction is annulled as an unsportsmanlike foul for the infraction of a throw-in or baseline in the last two minutes of the match and each extra time. This is how it was until now when a defender stepped on the line.

The use of flooring is also allowed. cristal LED in Tier 1 competitions. This allows for the display of lines of play as well as a wider range of commercial participation.

In addition, small clarifications are made in unsportsmanlike foul situations and in the procedure for using the ‘Instant Replay’ to determine if there is interference with the ball above the rim.

The arbitration committee FIBA he has already conducted a series of webinars for referees, FIBA ​​referee instructors and basketball coaches, focusing on the key changes.

On the other hand, the Endesa League will experiment with other changes, under the blessing of FIBAwhich could be extended to the general rules in the future: the quick serve and the limitation of the use of instant replay to speed up the game.

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