FI.IT REPORT CARDS – Gollini, nightmare evening. Ikon is inexplicable, 3-0 which hurts

Heavy defeat in Istanbul with Basaksehir for Fiorentina. Amrabat is saved from an adapted central, then badly all of the viola

Gollini: 4. Nightmare night for him. First he takes goals under the legs (he was not particularly reactive in avoiding Igor’s corner on the back pass, however treacherous), then sensationally concedes the doubling allowing himself a double dribble with the opponent under pressure. Finally, he does not arrive on Traorè’s shot which is worth three of a kind.

Come: 5. Several times inaccurate, he gives him the risky ball which Gollini then gives to the opponent. At least he tries in the final with a left-handed shot that comes out a little.

He loved: 6. The only one to save himself. He plays in the unprecedented role of central defender and gets along well: careful in covering and good at setting.

Igor: 5. He is not at his best physically and it shows when he fails to exploit the usual physical power to keep the attackers at bay. He loses the physical duel with the opponent in the area on the occasion that he unlocks the match. Mitigating the precarious condition, but negative competition.

Terzic: 5. Behind it leaves more than something to be desired, in front it does not find good plays. Not very reactive to close on the occasion of the 1-0. The only note of merit is the diagonal defensive in the second half.

(from 64 ‘Biraghi: 5.5. He can give little)

Bonaventure: 5.5. Little is seen, yet it would have the space to do something more.

(dal 77′ Duncan: sv)

Mandrake: 5.5. Inside in extremis, another race so and so.

Guess: 5. Various and moves a lot, as usual, but it is not precise in the plays.

(dal 64′ Barak: 5,5. Can’t change the game’s inertia)

Icons: 4. He would have space to show off, but he can’t get out of the tunnel. Indeed, the light seems quite far away. So much so that after risking the red in the first half, he takes a second inexplicable yellow leaving his teammates in ten for the final quarter of an hour. In the middle the usual colorless test.

Cabral: 5. It seems like a foreign body to the team, this time not only because there are no balls in front of it. He struggles to create space for himself and when the ball hits him in the area, on Mandragora’s retorted shot, he bounces off him in a rather sensational way.

(dal 46′ Jovic: 5. A good ball, at minute 87, with the ball bouncing to the limit and without opponents in contrast. But it sends it high).

Saponara: 5.5. At least it takes a bit of technique, even if it always leaves the impression of being able to do something more, because it also enjoys a fair amount of space.

(dal 77′ Kouame: 6. Sufficiency only for the play, the only beautiful one of the game, with which Jovic sends in goal. Even if the Serbian wastes everything)

All. Italian: 4.5. Many heavy absences, also Quarta loses in extremis and is forced to put Mandragora in, pulling Amrabat back in defense. Until the 1-0 it seems at least an attentive Fiorentina, even if not very incisive in front despite the spaces that there would be. But then it is inexplicable, and sensational, the collapse of his team. If many fail to react to difficulties and fall into the usual, very heavy, amnesia, some responsibility is also of the coach. Not only is the goal missing, as Italian repeated: the problems are starting to be a bit deeper.


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