Fernando Verdasco, a lifetime

A Ferdinand Verdasco You could sing to him, describing his relationship with tennis, that of: “I would be with you for a lifetime. I don’t care in what way, or how, or where, but with you.” Incombustible, showing an unparalleled passion for this sport that is his life, the man from Madrid beat Nikoloz Basilashvili in the ATP Sofia 2022.

He hasn’t said his last word

The player continues to fight, regularly playing Challengers tournaments, exhibiting humility and commitment. Without focusing so much on the ranking or the results, Fernando wants to continue to be linked as much as possible to tennis, a place where he feels comfortable and where he can be himself. Without thinking, at least we don’t know that he has done it, in retirement, Verdasoco wants to continue testing himself on the court and even aspires to improve his current position, making it clear that no injury will make him retire.

He wants to be the one to put an end to a magnificent career, a special player who exudes talent and power. With one of the best drives on the Spanish scene, Fer exudes enthusiasm, seasoned, yes, with certain doses of experience and seniority that allow him to be less effusive than in other times. Remembering that phrase that says that if something gives you gray hair, it is, above all, memory.

There are many battles where you can still give your best. Now, for example, in the second round in the Bulgarian capital, he has a good rival in front of him, the Australian Aleksandar Vukic, an even duel, but in which Verdasco will have options to stay in the running.

Competition as a way of life

It has always been said that the act of competing, whatever the category, gives the athlete a status from which they do not want to lose. And we are not saying that this status is better than any other profession, we are only pointing out that the competitive streak hooks the subject, depending in a certain way on it. For these reasons, the aesthetic that surrounds sport in general and tennis in particular, makes the images that we can have epic, historical. With the development of technologies, some will say “with the society of the spectacle”, these prints are extolled even more.

In fact, Roger Federer has already made it clear that he would miss all the preparations before entering the scene. I mean, everything he has to do with showing up to the staff, or put another way, with exist for someone Since for the tennis player, like the politician, to be active is to be constantly current. The fact of being perceived reminds us of who we are, but what is behind the tables remains real.

Withdrawal is not to stop being, not even to stop doing, but, in any case, to know what to do with what they have made of us.



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