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Attack on Qatar critics |

In BILD Hoeneß explains his anger call on TV


When Uli Hoeneß (70) calls live on TV, it rattles…

The football talk Sport1- “double pass” on Sunday is about the controversial Qatar World Cup. Ex-Bundesliga manager Andreas Rettig (59) criticizes the conditions of the workers in the host country and FC Bayern for its advertising contract with Qatar Airways.

BILD expert Alfred Draxler (69) warns that sport is being overwhelmed with problems that politics cannot solve.

To defend the World Cup in Qatar Hoeneß calls live in the “double pass”.

Source: Sport1/double pass


Then the call from Bavaria’s honorary president bursts Hoeness In the round!

IS attacks Qatar critic Rettig as “the king of hypocrites”. And asks him if he’d rather take cold showers in winter and do without the gas from Qatar that the federal government buys there.

HE defends FC Bayern: “The World Cup and the commitment of FC Bayern and other sports activities will ensure that working conditions in Qatar improve. Only Qatar is discussed, not Dubai, Kuwait and so on. The only country where things are getting better is Qatar.”

Rettig counters: “We shouldn’t pant after everything is getting better in Qatar. I would recommend that you, Mr. Hoeneß, check your sources and soon position yourself more broadly.”

After the 5-minute TV appearance, BILD asked Uli Hoeneß: What was the trigger for your appearance?

Hoeness: “The statement by Alfred Draxler not to overload the sport! That is the point. Qatar is a shareholder in VW and Deutsche Bank, for example. The Chancellor is asking for oil and gas in Qatar. It’s about our country. Otherwise we could only do business with 17 percent of the world. We Germans have to be careful not to isolate ourselves.”

BILD: Do you really believe that sport improves the human rights situation?

Hoeness: “Naturally. An example: A few years ago, the FC Bayern women’s team was the first women’s team in Qatar to play with shorts. That was a sensation and a breakthrough for women’s football.”

BILD: Your appearance will cause discussions.

Hoeness: “That’s exactly what we need. Thanks to football, the focus is on Qatar, which brings changes. I had sensible discussions with those responsible there myself.”

BILD knows the content of conversations This is how the Bayern bosses really think about Nagelsmann!

This is how the FC Bayern bosses really think about Julian Nagelsmann

Source: IMAGE


BILD: Or did you want to use your call to prepare the public for the fact that Bavaria will extend the advertising contract with Qatar Airways?

Hoeness: “No, I don’t know. And it’s not my issue. My point is that we should put our own house in order instead of having hypocritical discussions.”

BILD: Will you go to Qatar for the World Cup?

Hoeness: “I’ll decide that after the preliminary round. If I have the feeling that our national team is doing well, that there is something in it – then I fly there.”



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