FC Barcelona: Messi’s demands to renew in 2020, according to El Mundo

Ehe World has unveiled this Tuesday night the demands of Leo Messi to renew in 2020 with the Barcelona. Among the most outstanding, according to the newspaper, a private box in the Camp Nou for your family and that of Luis Suarez; a private plane flight for the whole family to Argentina at Christmas; a bonus of 10 million euros just for signing; recover the cuts for the pandemic in the following years with interest of 3 percent; or to be able to leave the Barcelona whenever he wanted through a symbolic clause of 10,000 euros. In addition, the newspaper reveals all the player’s contracts with Barcelona.

These were some of the parameters that the Argentine required to renew in the summer of 2020, he had a contract of 74.9 million euros net per year. This follows from the chain of emails between his father and his representative, George Messihis lawyers and the former president Joseph Maria Bartomeu and the Barça executive leadership. THE WORLD has had exclusive access to a huge amount of documentation and emails that are in the possession of the judicial investigation of the Barçagate. In addition, there is documentation regarding Gerard Hammered or Neymarthat the newspaper will discover.

Bartomeu came to accept the conditions imposed by the Messi, all except lowering the termination clause from 700 million to 10,000 euros, while making the payment of the 10 million bonus conditional on the club returning to pre-pandemic income. Because of these discrepancies, both parties broke off negotiations and the story ended with the sending of Messi of the burofax asking to leave the club.

Messi leaves Barça: Leo notified the club of his departure in July

The negotiation began on June 11, 2020 and, according to The worldthe legal representative of the Messi requested the signing of a new contract with a duration of three seasons although with the possibility of a unilateral extension for the player. He admitted a reduction of 20% of the fixed salary in the 2020/21 season, due to the covid, but imposed that 10% be recovered in 2021/22 and another 10% in 22/23, with interest of 3% per year. Likewise, he claimed the pending collection of the loyalty bonus that was already included in his contract in October 2020 and July 2021, with interest as a higher salary. The same would be applied to deferred amounts at the time of completion of the new contract.



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