FC Barcelona | Jordi Alba talks about his substitutions and Inter’s offer

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“I’m a man who likes to go face to face, I like to go face to face with everyone, everyone doesn’t like it but I’m like that”, said the Barça defender

Jordi Alba added that one does not have to “claim”. “I’ve been at the club for many years, I’ve also gone through times when I haven’t played and I always try to play”

Jordi Alba It was one of the names that the sports management of FC Barcelona had on the table this past summer market. Even at the end of the market, the side was close to leaving the Inter Milanoan offer that the club had found, but that finally did not materialize.

The man from L’Hospitalet spoke about this and about his recent substitutions at an Adidas event this Thursday, saying that he is always “heads up” and that, “at this point, it no longer surprises me in the world of football.”

I don’t have to vindicate myself, I’ve been at the club for a long time, I’ve also gone through moments when I haven’t played and I always try to play, be the best I can, and now I haven’t had those minutes, more on the bench than playing but I try to encourage the group in everything I can, I have been there for many years and the atmosphere is extraordinary. When I have to play like yesterday, help the team, I have never complained. If I don’t play, I don’t ask. Neither when I play. Hopefully I can play many games, I’m doing well, trying to work, trying to make the youngsters better and better”, said Alba.

It is clear that competition makes you better. I have to play as if there is a player or no player. I have two players, if I have opportunities I’m welcome, little by little I’m taking shape and I feel better and better”, he added.

On his possible departure to Inter Milan, the culé winger commented that “I can tell you that in my thoughts it has always been to be at Barcelona, I see myself qualified to be here for the remaining years of my contract, if it wouldn’t be the first, then the club looks at its interests. I have shown a lot of commitment to the club, colleagues and in the end the decision is up to the club, they are what they are and there are many interests and there I am never going to get into that subject. My commitment is one hundred percent and that’s it. I would like to tell you more but I am not going to go into that subject.

“It’s not about whether it seems fair or not, the situation is what it is, in the end I think everyone acts as they want and in that sense I can tell you how I act. I am a man who likes to go face to face, I like to go face to face with everyone, not everyone likes it but I am like that. I can not say anything more. I think things can be done better, but nothing surprises me with everything I’ve seen in football,” he added.

The team has been reinforced this summer, and one of the main names has been Robert Lewandowski, a signing that Alba valued.

Lewandowski is a leader. We already knew him at Bayern Munich, a great competitor, a lot of goals and that’s what he gives. What he has is a goal. He is 9 from Barça he is the one he needs, to score goals and this year Robert is very goodhe is giving a lot of points and let the streak continue”, he said about the Pole.

Finally, regarding Real Madrid and the rivalry in this new season, the defender of the Spanish team said that “we’ll see when we face each other, we’ll see, we have greatly improved the template, but it will only be seen when we face them. At the moment of truth, compete for all competitions. Against the eternal rival and hopefully this year we come out winners in all competitions.



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