“Every month 100,000 to 150,000 euros could be paid to the medicine man, have you forgotten that?”: Arrested brother Mathias creates a new chapter in Pogba soap | Foreign Football

Foreign footballMathias Pogba may have been arrested, but that doesn’t stop him from launching fresh accusations against his brother Paul. The Juventus midfielder would surround himself with criminals who allegedly attacked and shot several acquaintances.

Mathias, who had been making all kinds of accusations against his younger brother for weeks, had already taken his arrest into account, it turns out. He had prepared a huge number of rather confusing tweets and videos that would be published if he got stuck. And that happened today. A selection from the series of bizarre tweets:

“I’m where you want me to be, little brother,” said Mathias Pogba. “I knew you wanted me to be arrested and so it was going to happen. You wanted me to come begging you not to destroy me. You wanted to destroy my honor and my spirit. Did you really think I’d let that happen? Isn’t honor sacred?”

“You want to make it look like I’m the bad guy. And people believe you, you can deceive them. But your family knows how you really are.”

“You had foreign-speaking people follow me to show that you could let me have an accident at any moment. Strange that you would do that as a so-called victim.”

“You claim that you are being extorted by your old friends. You have fallen very low, my brother.”

“Every month 100,000 to 150,000 euros could be paid to the medicine man, have you forgotten that?” The man, who specializes in witchcraft, is said to be a close acquaintance of former French international Alou Diarra and was introduced to Pogba by Nottingham Forrest defender Serge Aurier.

Further, Mathias claims that his brother “has always been surrounded by criminals and still is.” Paul Pogba would use those connections to protect himself and would have used violence. The French international would then have betrayed his criminal accomplices, after which he focused on Mathias and his mother. “We didn’t go to the police out of fear.”

Mathias Pogba does not show evidence for all these accusations. His lawyer was approached by the AP news agency, but did not want to comment yet.

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