Engativá, once again the sole leader of the 1st District Youth Sports Games | IDRD

  • He leads Suba by a gold medal, and Kennedy, third, by 14, after the twelfth day of the fair.

Bogota DC, September 24, 2022 (IDRD). – Locality 10 Engativá added 5 gold medals on the twelfth day of the I District Youth Sports Games, and again assumed as the only pointer in the medal table of the fairs, surpassing by 1 its escort, Locality 11 Suba , and by 14 to the third, Kennedy.

Engativá reacted in the last two and remounted in the leadership, which he had since the beginning of the Games and that he ‘lent’ for three days to Suba, but he has already put the house back in order, and he marches as the sole leader, since his immediate pursuer only added 4 golds on date 12.

And the third in that fight for the title, Town 8 Kennedy, apparently only had momentum for two days, since he barely added a gold on this day 12, and was quite far from the top, remaining 14 golds behind the leadership and 13 of second place.

Kennedy is calm in third place, given that fourth, Barrios Unidos (Town 12) is at 13 gold, while Bosa (Town 7) is fifth at 15, Rafael Uribe (Town 18) is sixth at 17, Ciudad Bolívar (Town 19) seventh to 18, and Puente Aranda (Town 16) eighth to 20.

The skating race finished competitions in the Games, leaving Engativá as the great winner with 9 golds, against 2 from Ciudad Bolívar, Suba and Fontibón. On the last day of racing, the Tour of the Circuit was played first, en route, in the youth category, with María Fernanda Rozo (Engativá) winning the women’s category, with Vienna Valentina García, from Teusaquillo, winning silver.

In men, gold and silver for Engativá with Samuel Ospina and Andrés Mantilla. The 15,000-meter juvenile elimination test was also played, winning gold in the ladies Dali Mosquera (Chapinero), with silver for Daniela Forero (Barrios Unidos); and in men the gold went to Gian Marco Alvira (Ciudad Bolívar) and the silver to Andrés Pulido (Engativá).

Track cycling also began, for only the male youth speed could be disputed, given the heavy downpour that hit Bogotá in the afternoon. The gold medal was won by Walter Yesid Barrera (Fontibón), the silver went to Andrés Camilo Ruiz (Barrios Unidos) and the bronze went to Samuel Ramírez (Suba).

Table tennis also finished competitions, leaving Suba with 2 gold medals, against 1 for Rafael Uribe, Tunjuelito, Fontibón, Engativá and Puente Aranda. They also had chess, badminton, bowling and climbing action.

Day 13 includes competitions in badminton, bowling, track cycling, karate, swimming, para swimming, paracycling and skateboarding.




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