Eminem hot to play in the NFL with the Detroit Lions

The Slime Shady is still so funny.

Eminem may be pretty much affiliated with the West Coast because of his close ties to Dr. Dre, he’s still a guy from Detroit, proud to represent his city, his guys, his colors. It’s one of the most poverty-stricken cities in all of America, and if Slim Shady’s daily life doesn’t have to be rosy every day, it is remained very close to those who are fighting to restore the image of Detroit, whether members of the D12 (his former collective), or the Detroit Lions American football team.

Those who have followed Eminem’s career know that he has always enjoyed watching sports and supporting athletes in his industry. But this time, it goes a little further since the rapper invited himself to a Lions team training sessionon the occasion of filming the HBO Max documentary, “Hard Knocks”, which follows a different NFL team each year. The artist was therefore filmed on the ground, discussing with the athletes to send them strength.

In the video, he can be heard saying: “I tell you I’m here for any position. I’ll go to every game, I’ll be on the touchline, and if you need to get me in, get me in. At any post, I’m good”, and the players of the team seem to have greatly appreciated this humor. Because yes, as often, in addition to being a good rapper, Eminem always manages to wedge little touches of humor everywhere, and that’s why we like him!



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