Eduardo Luis was blunt against Luis Carlos Ruiz for a controversial foul on a Junior player | football curiosities

In the first sip of the 2022 BetPlay Cup, Junior managed to win by the slightest difference thanks to a goal from César Hayder and removed the thorn he had after falling a few days ago in the League against millionaires in the Metropolitan, a result that left them with good options to go to Bogotá to fight for the title.

However, during the game there were controversial plays where the two teams played clashes at times, resorting to fouls and as a result there were six yellow cards in the first half.

Regarding the controversial plays of the final between Junior and Millonarios, the reporter and journalist from Win Sports, Edward Louisanalyzed the faults of Millonarios on the program Saque Largo, focusing on that of Luis Carlos Ruiz.

In the play, Luis Carlos Ruiz went down against the Junior player Didier Moreno, where the rapporteur was clear and forceful in that the Millonarios striker touched the player’s leg directly, for which he replied that “They should have expelled him.”

However, his teammate Iván René Valenciano did not agree with Eduardo Luis, because for him Luis Carlos Ruiz went for the ball, without intending to touch the player, touching the ball first at the moment of contact with Moreno, but the The rapporteur’s decision was convincing because the referee Carlos Ortega should have expelled him without problems.


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