Doors are closed for James Rodríguez at Valencia with the signing of Justin Kluivert | Spain League

James Rodríguez not only had a key factor for not reaching Valencia in Spain as the transfer market. What began as a dream, and somewhat isolated from James’s interest in returning to Spain and assisting Edinson Cavani in the Che team, ended simply in an illusion on the part of the Colombian midfielder. When the clock strikes 00:00 in Europe, they end the summer window.

However, not only did that time arrive in Europe, but there was never really a specific offer from Valencia to take him away. So much so, that Peter Lim and the Iberians made a last-minute decision closing the doors even more to James Rodríguez. It is about the signing with which they close the transfer market as is Justin Kluivert, son of the legendary Dutch striker, Patrick.

James Rodríguez will continue in Qatar, while waiting for the opportunity in December to return to Europe, that yearning that the Colombian player has and that has kept him bored in the Qatari league. Lately he has been dispatched against the level that the World Cup country has, and cries out for a trip to the old continent to try to return to his best level.

After the departure of Carlos Soler, who can play on the wing or as an offensive midfielder, James Rodríguez appeared as a great card to relieve him. However, there was never really an offer, and everything was a simple offer from the Colombian midfielder himself. They confirm it even more with the signing of Justin Kluivert paying 15 million euros.

With Edinson Cavani and Justin Kluivert, Valencia closes the transfer market at the last minute. A slam on the illusions of James Rodríguez. Kluivert pointed out that everything happened because of a talk with his father, Patrick Kluivert, who knows what it’s like to play in LaLiga at FC Barcelona and, of course, at the Valencian club. In turn, the Dutch winger who played for Roma maintained that he had already spoken with Gennaro Gattuso who made it clear to him what he wants from him at the Spanish club.


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