Disgusting faux pas: stadium announcer downplays the Holocaust – thrown out! | Sports

Clubs fire coaches, players – and sometimes even stadium announcers.

That’s what happened at Lok Leipzig in the fourth division. Mirko Linke (54) had to go there.

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“GOOOAR for 1. FC Lok Leipzig!” That’s what has been banging out of the boxes in Leipzig’s Plache Stadium since 2004. Linke has been with the club since the club was founded, followed the path from the 3rd district class to the regional league on the microphone.

There must be a serious reason for separation. And so was he.

Mirko Linke has been the stadium announcer for 1. FC Lok Leipzig since 2004

Mirko Linke has been the stadium announcer for 1. FC Lok Leipzig since 2004


“Following the publication of a completely unacceptable graphic on social media that violates the values ​​practiced by 1. FC Lok, the club ended its collaboration with stadium spokesman Mirko Linke,” said FC Lok.

The post featured the ad character “Meister Proper” wearing sunglasses. The railway tracks to the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz were reflected in the glasses. Below it was written: “Good night Green White…” Translated: “Good night, Green-White”. An allusion to the club colors of local rivals BSG Chemie Leipzig.

Stadium announcer downplays Holocaust! Disgusting…

The clubs met last Sunday in the Sachsenpokal. Lok won 8-7 on penalties.

According to BILD information, Linke, who was on vacation in Turkey at the time, shared the graphic in his WhatsApp status after winning the derby at Chemie Leipzig. FC Lok describes what it was about as follows: “We actively and consistently oppose all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism. It is extremely important to our club that these values ​​are always lived and transported by all employees, members and fans.”

The separation was fixed on Thursday in a conversation with the locomotive makers around President Thomas Löwe at the office. Linke was insightful and is said to have even shed tears. He says: “I made an unintentional mistake and formally apologized to the club. I understand and accept the club’s decision.”

On Friday (7 p.m.) against Erfurt, supervisory board member André Göhre will step in as stadium announcer. A successor is being sought.



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