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For the penultimate stage of the 2022 EDF ADN TOUR Handisport tour, head to Lake Chaumeçon, north of the Morvan Regional Natural Park. Organized by the DREAM association, this stage in the heart of the Nièvre is already sold out. If registrations have been closed for a few weeks, we met Tom Herard, president of the DREAM association, to present this step to you.

Hello Tom, can you introduce me to Raid DREAM in a few words?

Tom Herard : This year the DREAM raid will take place at the end of September on the heights of Lake Chaumeçon, in the north of the Morvan Regional Natural Park.

It’s a demanding stage and requires a bit of physical effort to cover the forest paths, roads and lake. On Saturday, the 97 participants will evolve on an orientation hike punctuated with puzzles and sporting challenges.

The next day, teams made up of 6 able-bodied and disabled participants will have to face the Chalaux rapids in rafting. That same day, on the banks of the Chalaux, a day open to the general public will promote the discovery of outdoor sports in the form of free discovery activities such as all-terrain wheelchair, wheelchair badminton, boccia, blowgun, archery and a few surprises!

One of the fundamentals of DREAM is to promote sharing, conviviality and encounter. This is why the meals on Saturday evening and Sunday noon are all taken together and a festive evening is organized on Saturday.

What will the tests be?

T. H : On the program on Saturday : orienteering hike, archery, canoeing, disc golf, all-terrain wheelchair, joëlette.

On Sunday : rafting descent / discovery of sports activities.

Three adjectives to present the raid?

T. H : Physical, friendly and exotic.

What is the most of Raid DREAM? What makes it unique?

T. H : This year, the Raid DREAM is the only stage of the circuit to offer rafting.

What is the flagship sporting activity of the raid?

An anecdote to tell us about the organization of the raid?

T. H : The organization of the raid was somewhat hectic. Indeed, while the whole program was validated, and by the association and by the French federation, we learned bad news: the lake initially planned had to be emptied, the place of reception (a large holiday base) would be closed for works, there would not be enough water for rafting.

Everything had to be redesigned in another place in a hurry, with several months of delay. It was then that we learned that the only accommodation that could accommodate the participants was put up for sale by the owner, that the water releases planned for 2022 would not allow us to offer a rafting descent…

In itself, the entire organization of the raid goes from anecdote to anecdote!

An anecdote to tell us about last year’s raid?

T. H : Last year we chose not to organize a raid, the health context being still too uncertain.

On the other hand, we organized a day of discovery of disabled sports. On this occasion we were able, thanks to the visit of the Parisian association Mobiles en Ville, to cover a few kilometers of roads in the Morvan on wheelchair rollerblades. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for DREAM!

Discover the raids of the EDF ADN TOUR HANDISPORT 2022

This year, 10 great raids already existing or unpublished join forces to offer you a sporting experience that is united and fun, friendly, rich in emotions and a source of pride! Over two or three days, each stage of the EDF ADN TOUR Handisport will offer at least 3 outdoor sports activities : tree climbing, canoeing, orienteering, cycling (mountain biking, tandem, handbike, FTT), sailing, archery… Don’t wait any longer to register, with family or friends, the 100 adventure % nature of the EDF ADN TOUR Handisport is made for you!



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