Diary Dewulf: “Wout and Remco are the only animals I’ve seen yet” | World Cycling Championships

Some paper and mail work filled my morning, breakfast filled my stomach. Then we were ready to take a coffee ride of one and a half hours with a small group – including the national coach.

In the afternoon we held a press conference and watched the mixed team time trial. In itself, that discipline still lacks a bit of prestige, but we think it’s a nice concept. The fact that it is only practiced twice a year does not help the mixed relay case.

Jasper and I have not been bothered by the birds yet. Maybe the blue of our suits scares those animals away. Although Remco and Yves already had a price. It is therefore swarming with magpies and white parrots with a green crest.

Quinten, Jasper and Nathan have spotted a – dead or not – snake along the road. The only animals I’ve seen the last few days are Remco and Wout when they’re on their bikes. So for now my adventure in that area is still very calm, no monster is attacking me here.

As a cyclist, sometimes not so much happens in a day. Everyone thinks we have super exciting lives, but that’s not always the case. Time to end this Wednesday.

See you tomorrow!



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