Çukurova Basketball Expects Mersin’s Support

The logos of these companies are placed on the front of the jerseys of the teams and in the middle belly advertising areas of the fields. However, we have not had such a main sponsor until now. We are still on the field and we have an empty form in front of us. We expect the support of the city dynamics in this matter as well,” and called on the business people of Mersin to support the ÇBK.

General Coordinator Ender Ünlü, Head Coach Emre Vatansever and Technical Coordinator Zafer Kalaycıoğlu stood in front of the cameras at the press conference held at the facilities, made statements about the season and answered the questions of the journalists. Stating that they started the season with the goal of 4 trophies and formed an ambitious team, Ünlü said, “The players we transferred are known as ‘stars’ in Europe and America, but we cannot explain this in our country, because the women’s basketball is not well known in Turkey. When we say Chelsea Grey, DeWanna Bonner or Jonquel Jones, we don’t find much response in people. When we say, ‘We have Ronaldo and Messi in women’s basketball’, giving an example from football, people’s views change. I try to explain it this way to get people’s attention. It will be possible to explain how valuable players and coaches are here, with the work of members of the press. We cannot do it alone,” he said.


Noting that Çukurova Basketball wants to be the unifying power of Mersin, Ünlü said, “We are not the team of any thought or organization. We are the team of all municipalities, all opinions, the people of Mersin. We want to be the unifying power of Mersin in the middle. The biggest supporter of basketball teams. are the companies with the highest brand value of the province they are in. The logos of these companies appear in front of the jerseys of the teams and in the advertising areas of the middle of the pitches. However, we have not had such a main sponsor until now. We still have the field environment and the front of the form is empty. We expect the support of the city dynamics in this regard. Mersin İdmanyurdu is the team of all of us. Like all our people, we want Mersin İdmanyurdu to be in the Super League. As a club, we are ready to help our red-dark blue team in every way, but let’s show the interest shown in football to women’s basketball. Whatever the champions league is in men’s football, the EuroLeague That’s what Women is, so a t-shirt representing Mersin in the champions league Please let everyone know that we are the current. On the other hand, on behalf of my club and Mersin sports, I sincerely thank our esteemed governor, who made us feel very valuable and promised to do his best for our goals.”


Emre Vatansever, WNBA Licensed Head Coach of ÇBK, emphasized the need to focus on working, not on the goal of 4 trophies, and said:

“I want to look at what we did today. When you think too much about the trophy, you can’t come wherever you want. What did we do for that trophy today? Did we win a trophy when we entered the field today? Good results always come to good players and teams that work well. Even in the WNBA, there is not such a beautiful hall and that many opportunities. This place deserves. We will do our best to reciprocate. I also have a call to our fans. “We have to put out something good and people have to watch it. Because it’s good with the fans. There is a team that the city owns. This city did what it was necessary and will continue to do so. We want to play against the crowd and the stands that motivate us.”

Noting that the cultural difference between America and Turkey is also felt in basketball, but pointing out that the leagues of the two countries should not be compared, Vatansever said, “There are two different cultures. Every culture has unique dynamics. Before going to America, I said, ‘What a big, special and beautiful place. ‘ but after I lived there, I said, ‘I wish I could go back to the dynamics of the Turkish league even if I live in the Turkish league’. It would not be right to compare, but there is very little of the concept in ÇBK in WNBA teams. Even in the WNBA team I work for, there are no opportunities here. This is a really special place. I hope we can get the value out of it,” he said.


Technical Coordinator Zafer Kalaycıoğlu stated that a difficult season awaits them and said, “According to my experience, I know that this season will be a difficult one. It is not easy to bring trophies here. We know that Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray are the clubs that have won the most trophies in women’s basketball. BOTAŞ Anatolian teams, except for the league, did not win the championship in the league and in the Turkish Cup. There are Mersin BSB and Hatay, who won the President’s Cup. Winning the Turkish Cup is not an easy task. Last year, this was accomplished. We are starting the season with this ambition. The success of Emre Vatansever, who I believe will be one of the successful coaches of the future, will make us happy. We want to reach the trophies with the support of our fans. Çukurova is ahead of all organizations and there is continuity. There is a continuity in the last year. we’re talking about the club. The support of all the dynamics of the country is very important,” he said.



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