Concerns about ‘organizational dissonance’ in Oullim Sports Festival for the disabled and non-disabled

도장애인체육회·도체육회 격년제 대회 운영 주체 둘러싸고 서로 책임 떠넘겨
도체육회·용인시 “어울림대회, 도장애인체육회 소관…요청사항 충분히 협조”

Representatives of disabled and non-disabled athletes take an oath at the opening ceremony of the 1st Gyeonggi-do Ullim Sports Festival held in 2019. Gyeonggi Ilbo DB

The Gyeonggi-do Oullim Sports Festival, which is scheduled to be held for the first time in three years, with the disabled and non-disabled people, has been reduced to a half-match due to mismatches between related organizations.

Gyeonggi-do Oullim Sports Festival was established in 2019 to create a harmonious environment for the disabled and non-disabled lifestyle sports enthusiasts in the province. However, after the first tournament was not held for two years due to COVID-19, the second tournament is scheduled to be held on the 23rd in Yongin Special City.

The Oullim Sports Festival, which was also the first cooperative project between the Gyeonggi-do Sports Council and the Gyeonggi-do Sports Council for the Disabled, was scheduled to be held with 200 million won from the provincial government for the purpose of bringing the disabled and non-disabled people together through sports. is expected to be significantly reduced.

According to the Provincial Sports Association for the Disabled, about 1,500 people were expected to participate in this event from the existing three sports (gateball, badminton, table tennis) to five sports including park golf and bowling, but half of those confirmed by the 13th That’s 817 people. Three cities were reported to be absent.

An official from the Provincial Sports Association said, “Initially, the Sports Association and the Provincial Sports Association for the Disabled decided to run the tournament every other year, and even though the Provincial Sports Association held the first event, the Sports Association for the Disabled stood by as if it were someone else’s business before this event, so we are responsible for all the responsibilities. “In addition, Yongin City is also a host city, but it is not even preparing properly for the opening ceremony due to a lukewarm attitude.”

Regarding this, an official of the Sports Association said, “Currently, the Sports Association is cooperating with the requests of the Provincial Sports Association, including requests for cooperation in sports for non-disabled athletes and city and county events, including internal administrative support.” This is a competition project for the Athletics Sports Association and is not a project hosted by the Sports Association. “Initially, there was no discussion with us about the selection of sports and the way the game was run,” he said.

On the other hand, Yongin City said, “Unlike the four general competitions such as the Sports and Sports Competition and the Provincial Paralympic Games, the Yongin Special City has no responsibility whatsoever for hosting, organizing, or sponsoring the Oullim Sports Festival. After sending an official letter, they recently requested again to help with the opening ceremony. In addition, he said that he had finished renting the stadiums for 4 of the 5 sports except for Park Golf, and that he would connect the volunteers necessary for the operation of the game if requested. Still, it makes no sense to say that it is non-cooperative.”

It is pointed out that the meaning of the Eullim Festival, which is scheduled to be held again in three years, where the disabled and the non-disabled become one, is fading after the second event due to discord among related organizations.

By Kim Young-woong

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