Clément Le Sayec is the new coach of Morlaix Saint-Martin Basket – Morlaix

“I know the orange ball well! From the age of 6, my father, Claude, player at Vaillante de Saint-Brieuc, taught me to dribble. He taught my brother François and me all the fundamentals of basketball,” recalls Clément Le Sayec, 40 years old, 1.98m tall, who at the start of the sporting year became the new salaried coach of the Morlaix Saint-Martin Basket (MSMB).

A successful takeover, since the senior girls of the MSMB won the senior tournament in Kerveguen on Sunday, September 18, beating successively BC Léonard, AL Ploufragan and Pleyber-Christ BC.

A career between Saint-Brieuc and Langueux

After the Vaillante de Saint-Brieuc, Clément Le Sayec joined the neighboring club of Langueux, following a move, before signing, at a higher level at Club Olympique Briochin, then at Saint-Brieuc Basket: “I played in Nationale 3, then in Nationale 2, as a winger, in the team that won the championship and its place in Nationale 1 in 2012,” explains Clément Le Sayec, who ended his playing career two years ago, in returning to Langueux: “I wanted to thank them for everything they have given me”.

The passion for technology

Alongside his career as a player, Clément Le Sayec served as a regional referee for eight years and as an educator in Saint-Brieuc. It was with the CQP “Basketball Sports Technician” diploma that he joined the MSMB this year where he will train the senior girls Region: “My role will not be limited to team 1 but to all the players seniors. I would also advise Gaëtan Lambert, the coach of the senior boys team, who have just been promoted to regional level. Finally, I will assist the club’s technicians, at all levels. I am part of the club’s project, which is to bring young teams to the regional level. Coaching is not a job, but a passion! “, he concluded.

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