Clear words! This is how Hannover 96 reacted to the hate banner in front of the derby Sports

Clear words before the derby |

Hanover reacts to the hate poster

After the 1-0 win in Rostock, the “preparation” for the derby on Saturday (1 p.m.) began. The 96 professionals moved in front of the guest curve, made La Ola together with the 1500 fans who had traveled with them. They sang with anticipation: “We want the Derby victory.”

Less nice: In the fan block there was a banner with the inscription “Death and hatred to the BTSV” – and right there underneath the players were celebrating. BTSV means Eintracht, stands for Braunschweig Turn- und Sportverein.

Whirl for that cheer.

Sky reporter Oliver Seidler criticized the poster in the live commentary, many TV viewers found the inscription strange.

When asked by BILD, 96 clearly distanced itself from the banner on Monday.

Christian Katz, as 96-authorized officer responsible for match day organization among other things: “We had a good, supportive atmosphere in the last few games, which certainly also contributed to the great run of our team. Unfortunately, the image was clearly clouded by the banner calling for death and hatred.”

His appeal: “We’re looking forward to an atmospheric derby and call on our fans to distance themselves from it and concentrate on our team instead of defaming others.”

That should annoy some hardcore fans from the curve. Because the death and hate slogan (on posters and in the songs) has accompanied the rivalry between the 96ers and Braunschweig for years and is “normal” for many stadium visitors.

96 fan “allyoucanplay” on Twitter: “The saying has been around for so many years and is nothing more than a battle song.”

Many are concerned that a dispute similar to that of ten years ago is now threatening in the stadium. At that time, spectators were banned from the arena because they waved a flag with the likeness of serial killer Fritz Haarmann, although this had been common practice for a long time. The Haarmann flag has long been banned.

Back to the derby. For many fans, 96 vs. Braunschweig is more than just a football game. The players know that too.

Defense chief Julian Börner (31): “The fans have been making us hot for weeks. We want the derby win. We want to make the fans happy.”



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