Chychrun is still eager to trade! However, he will start the season in Arizona

Play in a team with the highest ambitions and a real chance of success? This is the wish of almost every hockey player. Jakob Chychrun, who continues to desire a transfer to a better organization, is no exception.

The 24-year-old defender has been associated with a change of location since the beginning of last year, when he agreed on a trade with the Coyotes. However, this surprisingly did not take place both at the transfer deadline and during the draft or summer period.

“I have spoken to the club about it several times over the last year. He knows what kind of person and type of athlete I am, and that’s why it was indicated to me that if I wanted to be in a different situation (than being part of the rebuilding), they would be willing to replace me,” Chychrun himself revealed at the beginning of the so-called “Media Day”.

“I decided to take advantage of this and change my workplace because of my desire to win. Careers are short and time flies. It’s crazy that I’m already in my seventh year in the NHL. And that’s why I don’t want to stay on a rebuilding team and lose the chance to play in the playoffs and have that chance to win the Stanley Cup. That’s my mentality and I think the team understands that.”

Although it looks like the club and player have a clean slate between them, the exchange still hasn’t come through. What is the reason? Arizona is thought to be asking a lot for its elite running back, and no wonder.

“One would be crazy not to trade him and not significantly strengthen his own team.”

“When you really think about it… He can be the number one defender, he has a good contract and he can be productive, which makes a huge impact on the whole team. “You’d be crazy to trade him and not significantly strengthen your own team,” general manager Bill Armstrong said in March.

So far, no offer that would interest the people in the Coyotes management has come, so it is expected that Chychrun will start the next season in the Arizona jersey. He is currently on the roster for training camp, which he will not participate in from the very beginning due to summer wrist surgery. But he should be fine and ready to start by the first game of the regular season.

The closing questions are simple in this case. How much will Chychrun play for Arizona this season and get the coveted trade?

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