Change of plan at Mané: winger instead of new Bayern attacker

Change of plan at Mané: winger instead of new Bayern attacker

Sadio Mane

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FC Bayern put Sadio Mané back on as a winger. There was a change of plan, according to which he should not act in the center of the storm.

At first, Sadio Mané seemed to have been primarily planned as a striker and goalscorer at Bayern Munich. In the meantime, however, a change of plan has been made: the focus is now on the wing.

With Robert Lewandowski gone, it was clear that even without him, Bayern would need plenty of shots to get the goals they needed. The current form crisis is above all a goal crisis, because there are enough degrees and chances to score.

It would be all the more important if Sadio Mané finally finds his way. Recently there has been a lot of fan frustration about his performance. Sometimes he was barely visible, other times he couldn’t help the team. This also seems to be due to a change that has taken place in the last few weeks.

Patience is called for: Bayern wants to see Mané primarily on the wing

In his first few weeks and first games, he was still the storm focus, where he played several times in the center, but Julian Nagelsmann recently pushed him further and further outwards.

sea kicker-Reporter Georg Holzner a deliberate conversion and change of plans. In the meantime, he tweeted on Tuesday, he is “regarded more as a winger” by the coaching staff. A role that he took on at his best at Liverpool FC. However, also the role in which he was hardly able to bring any input into play with the Reds before his move.

Apparently Nagelsmann and Co. want to establish him on the outside again. In the last few games, in which the 4-2-3-1 was primarily used as the basic order, that didn’t work. Against FC Barcelona, ​​for the most part, Mané was barely visible and completely isolated from the game.

Patience and trust should at least prevail. The 30-year-old should be given the time he needs to find himself and establish himself properly.

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