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City turns game against BVB in 4 minutes |

The incredible Haaland thing

They knew what to expect. And couldn’t prevent it…

When reunion isn’t fun. Exactly 123 days after his last goal FOR BVB, Erling Haaland (22) scored AGAINST his former club in the 84th minute to win Manchester City 2-1.

By then the Norwegian was walled in. And Dortmund could even dream of victory for a long time.

► 56. Minute: Jude Bellingham (19) escapes the ex-Dortmunders Akanji and Haaland, heads the 1-0 for BVB after a cross from Captain Reus on the five. Stones slams the equalizer (80th) in. And then comes Haaland.

Then this Haaland. Joao Cancelo flicks the ball against the right post with his outside instep. Haaland jumps artistically after the ball and volleys the ball with his left foot.

Hummels at DAZN: “The frustration is very deep. It’s all about winning, a point wouldn’t have been bad either. We had city. We sacrificed ourselves. Shortly before conceding we become passive and hope to bring the game over time. We were tired.”

BVB can’t stop his crazy series either. No club prevented the Norwegian from contributing to a goal in a mandatory game of the season (Champions League, league, cup). Haaland scored 13 goals and one assist in nine appearances.

In the dressing room of Manchester there is a friendly hug from BVB coach Terzic with the ex-striker before kick-off. Dortmund walled the striker in on the pitch. Nearly perfect. After two and a half years with the Norwegian, everyone at BVB finally knew what to expect. Dortmund closes the middle with Özcan, Can and Bellingham. Süle and surprisingly also Hummels defend at the back. With maximum success.

Haaland does not find Manchester’s pass machine (64 percent possession of the ball until the break).

“Does he want the Harlem Globetrotters too?” Klopp shoots against Chelsea boss

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The only really dangerous scene from the Norwegian before the break was clarified by Süle, who headed out a cross on the five just before the Norwegian flies in (15th minute).

Also sees world champion Großkreutz, who is in the stadium curve with the BVB Ultras. Dortmund successfully fights Haaland down for a long time. Hummels sensationally grabs the equalizer (72nd).

In the end, however, City hit twice in four minutes. Hummels: “Erling Haaland is just Erling Haaland.”



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