Champions League: BVB stars Hummels and Reus bicker after city bankruptcy Sports

Explosive scene right after the final whistle |

Zoff between Hummels & Reus

This Dortmund scene has explosive character!

With a raised index finger, Mats Hummels (33) marches towards Marco Reus (33) after the last-minute knockout at Manchester City (1: 2). The defense chief talks urgently to the BVB captain and obviously accuses him of a mistake. Reus reaction: He tries to ignore the angry Hummels, hugs Erling Haaland and flees the situation. But Hummels cannot be reassured at all…

No wonder! For 80 minutes, Dortmund walled in superstar Erling Haaland and the mega-favorite Citizens, and thanks to a goal by Jude Bellingham (56th) they even had a deserved 1-0 lead. But instead of the sensation Dortmund breaks again. And Hummels thinks he knows why…

“We sacrificed ourselves for 80 minutes, had ManCity exactly where we wanted them,” analyzes Hummels at DAZN. “And then we just allowed two free balls 20 yards from goal instead of going over the limit for 95 minutes. It was not due to a system change, we simply became too passive in front of the goals!”

Whom Hummels means by name? Obviously also the criticized Reus…

► Before it was 1: 1 (80 ‘), the Dortmund captain of all people didn’t try hard enough to prevent John Stones’ long-range shot on the edge of the penalty area – a position from which Stones regularly scores….

► Not enough! Even before 1: 2, BVB allowed themselves an unforgivable negligence: instead of trying to prevent Joao Cancelo’s outside flank, Emre Can Meter stood too far away from the opponent, turned to the side and listlessly lifted his left leg. Consequence: Erling Haaland found the cross and punished his ex-colleagues with the 2-1 winning goal (84th) at most.

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Reus and Can – two individual mistakes spoil BVB’s strong defensive performance and thus also Hummels’ mood! Together with Süle, he had previously shown a performance for 80 minutes in front of national coach Hansi Flick that was definitely suitable as a World Cup application.

What sticks is the explosive Zoff between Hummels and Reus…



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