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Cath Luyten, ex of Frank Raes, comes with a clear message:

Thursday September 22, 2022 – 12:00 I by Editorial staff

Cath Luyten has a son, Billie, with Frank Raes. Together with her new fiancé Eshref Reybrouck, she now also has a son: Jools.

Cath and Eshref both make time to care for Jools when needed. Eshref works as a director. He mainly looked after Jools when Cath was busy recording her program ‘Buurman, wat u do now?’.

“Back then Esh took care of Jools the most, and now the roles are reversed. Although: we mainly do it together. We also discussed that beforehand,” explains Cath in HUMO.

“We both work in an industry where your life sometimes narrows to a tunnel: you spend a lot of time on one project and then have to put everything else to sleep,” says Cath, who is adamant. “I didn’t want the care for our child to be based on a rotational role. Living side by side: I refuse that.”

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Thursday September 22, 2022

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