Casual sneakers to look cool (and not boring): the Dior B101

Dress codes have changed a lot in recent years. For this reason, today, when we think about what footwear to choose for day to day, casual tennis They are the first option that comes to mind. Sports sneakers provide comfort and versatility for all of us, whatever we wear, whatever we do. And it is that with the passage of time, we have realized that we have a good pair of kicks it means that you can do any type of activity – work or study – with total confidence and a much more relaxed style.

Of course, in addition to the great aesthetic advantages of using tenniswe must consider that a shoe inspired by sports performance will always be a clear answer for our comfort, the support we need in daily activities and, of course, the well-being that this can bring us with any type of outfit. Goodbye to those old days when formality had immovable and serious uniforms that squeezed our bodies. Hello, footwear that gives us comfort and better movements. Thus, some sneakers are essential today.

Here we explain the key points of some casual tennis with a model that embodies the perfection of this style. Some Dior B101. Completing the silhouettes of the French house’s winter 2022-2023 men’s show, this model is a new fashion statement with contemporary lines, combining smooth calfskin and suede, enhanced by the luminous colors of the collection signed by Kim jones. A design that, as a tribute to the art of detail so appreciated by the house, shows the CD Diamond signature on the sole, the tongue and the heel for a finally urban look, but with the classic taste of this Parisian label.

Here all the considerations you should keep in mind.

A sophisticated structure

Timeless and with a lot of personality.



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