Carlos Valderrama: statements about James Rodríguez by call | Colombia selection

The Colombian National Team is preparing in the United States to play its first friendly in the Néstor Lorenzo era in the coming days, which will be played in New York. Before moving to one of the capitals of the world, they concentrated in New Jersey. However, what has caused controversy in recent days was the call of the Argentine strategist, without many surprises and with references and veterans to lead the national team.

In the call, Néstor Lorenzo emphasized the need for this new process to have leaders such as David Ospina who plays in Saudi Arabia, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado from a controversial player present at Juventus, Radamel Falcao García, who has more substitutions than starters and with James Rodríguez who drew the most attention for his 93 minutes on the court in recent months and a new change of club when he arrived at Olympiacos.

Without a doubt, the inclusion of James Rodríguez has generated conversations of all kinds. Comments between good and bad, and reflections of actors close to the Colombian National Team such as Carlos Alberto Valderrama, or better known as the ‘Pibe’. While the country was waiting for a generational change, Néstor Lorenzo reconvened the experienced and referents and James appeared there.

For Carlos Valderrama, who spoke with Fabio Poveda on Blu Radio’s Sports Blog, “Pibe” was clear and blunt about his thoughts on James Rodríguez, and left a message and made a call with the aim of getting back behind the wheel. However, he said that it does not depend on one, but only on James.

And it is that Carlos Valderrama was concise with what he wants, and that is that Colombia can recover him, “what I believe is that James Rodríguez has to be recovered, let’s recover a crack. Why can’t we get it back? One is wrong, like everyone else. But it is that James is crack. The only way to get it back is by playing, it’s up to him. That if it doesn’t depend on Lorenzo, Pékerman, Rueda, ‘Pibe’ Valderrama. I think it’s time to get it back.”

Not only does it depend on James Rodríguez, it will also depend on Olympiacos and Michel González, the new technical director of the Greek club who highlighted the creativity and importance that the Colombian will have this season. Michel knew him from before because of his relationship with Real Madrid, and the Colombian’s time at the merengue club.

Carlos Valderrama was also emphatic in mentioning that James Rodríguez has given a lot to the Colombian National Team, and stated that we must remember, and not forget how important it has been, “James could have been wrong, but you have to shake his hand, you have to have memory It must be recovered for Colombian football and also for world football. But I reiterate that it depends on him, on no one else.”

Finally, he spoke about what James Rodríguez needs right now, “What James has to do is play. When he doesn’t play, when you get injured or suspended; Well, you are without rhythm, and if he plays, contact with the people is recovered, the rhythm; it is evident that James did not forget to play soccer, suddenly he is not going to be well physically, but that is achieved by playing. That is what I want”.



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